How to properly take care of your cat

Pets are wonderful creatures. You will note that most people normally rear pets for companion purposes. There are several pets that you are likely to find in most homes. These include: cats, dogs, rabbits and so forth. If you have a pet at home, you should ensure that you take care of it. You should ensure that it has both food and shelter. Most pet owners normally opt to keep cats as pets in their homes. Cats are known to be low-maintenance pets compared to other is difficult to tell whether you are doing everything possible to keep them happy and healthy. This is the reason why you should know tips on how to properly take care of your cat. Some of the essential tips include:

Keep it inside

Cats are known to roam outside during the day. This can be detrimental. You will notice that your cat is likely to get diseases and even get injured. In addition, it is also likely to consume poison unknowingly. This can shorten the lifespan of your cat. In this case, you should ensure that you keep your cat indoors. This can help to increase its lifespan. You will notice that an average indoor cat can live for 15-20 years.

Brush its teeth

Most people normally thing that brushing of teeth normally applies to human being only. However, this is not true. Pet also require to have clean teeth. This is the reason why you should brush its teeth from time to time. Regular brushing normally helps to reduce hairballs and shedding. It also helps you to bond with your cat.

Keep is hydrated

Water is very essential to the body. This is the reason why you should ensure that your cat is hydrated. It should always have access to clean and fresh water on a daily basis. You will note that this water is normally useful in digestion and other physiological process of the body. In addition, you can also consider switching your cat to wet food. This can help you a great deal.

Rotate its toys from time to time

Cats normally like playing with toys. This is the reason why you should get toys for your cat. However, it is important that you rotate these toys from time to time. Cat usually get bored with their toys easily. You can keep these toys in a closet and rotate them from time to time. In addition you should engage your cat and help it play with its toy. Playing can also help your cat to reduce its body weight.

Clean its litter box daily

A litter box is very essential for your cat. You should clean it daily. This will go a long way in ensuring that your cat stays healthy. In addition, if you notice any changes I the stool or urine of your cat, you should call a vet to diagnose the problem.

Avoid giving your cat a lot of human food

Some pet owners are normally tempted to give their cats’ human food such as milk and so forth. You will note that if these food is not well-digested by your cat, it can be detrimental to your cat. Some snacks can also be toxic to your cat. This is the reason why you should consult a vet so that he or she can guide you. This can help your cat to live longer.

Provide a scratching post and encourage your cat to use it

You will note that most cats normally like scratching their bodies on posts and even chairs. This is the reason why you should get post for your cat and encourage it to use. This can go a long way in protecting your furniture. This will also give your cat something to claim as its own. It can help it to feel more at home and in their own territory.

Spray your cat

Spraying your cat can help to increase its lifespan. You will note that your cat is likely to interact with other cats when mating and so forth. It is likely to carry some parasites to your house. This is the reason why you should spray it so that it can remain healthy.

Groom regularly

Cats are known to groom themselves naturally. However, you will note that indoor cats end up with extra hair that then shows up in hairballs.Regular grooming can cut down on excess hair both in your house and in your cat’s stomach.

Visit the veterinary regularly

All cats require veterinary visits. A vet can conduct a number of examinations on your cat and help to diagnose its problems. Cats are known to disguise when it comes to disease. You may not know when your cat is sick or not. This is the reason why you should take it to a vet for regular checkups. A veterinarian is well-trained on how to look for these signs. He or she can perform blood, urine and fecal tests in your cat. This can help you cat to live longer.

Provide a heating pad to older cats

Cats normally like warm places. You should get a heating pad for your cat. You should place a heating pad on a low setting where your cat normally rests. This warmth will make your cat to be more comfortable.

Give it supplements

Quality food will provide your cat with the nutrients it requires. In addition supplements may contribute to optimal health. You can try omega-3 fatty acids. This can help to keep your cat’s coat shiny. You can also consider giving it glucosamine in order to increase its joint mobility. However, you should avoid high amounts of garlic, onion and vitamin D.

Monitor its eye, teeth and feet

You will note that most health problems can be spotted and addressed in these areas before they become chronic. Regular checking can help you tell if something is wrong with your cat.

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