How to Keep your Cat Healthy and Live Long

Unlike dogs, cats are low-maintenance pets. Cat’s nutrition is very important for a happy and healthy life. If you’re a cat owner, you’d agree with that cats are the best and friendly pets. What you just need to do is to take care of your cat by feeding and offering the necessary vaccination. Due to invention and advancement of modern pet vaccines, cats are now able to live longer than before. Pet owners would like their cats to live longer and healthy as they are also part of our family members. There is a lot of things you can do to achieve this. What you need is to give your cat the best care possible. There are essential things that you should do to ensure that your cat lives a happy and healthy life. These things may include:

  • Responsible care
  • Consistent veterinary care
  • Nutritious age-appropriate diet
  • Form a close and friendly bond

These building blocks may vary from cat to cat depending on the age. Earlier, we believed that cats have three basic stages but we have to acknowledge that cats go through 6 stages. These stages include kittenhood, junior, prime, mature, senior and geriatric cats.

Veterinary care

For your cat to live a happy and healthy life, you will need to keep a close relationship with the veterinarian. Regular veterinary care is one of the most important things you can do to increase your cat’s life potential. All adopted cats of unknown parentage should be examined and necessary medical tests conducted. Such cat should be isolated from others until they have passed all the necessary medical examinations and tests.

Kitten vets care

Every cat should be taken to the veterinarian 3-4 times a year depending on the health and the condition of the pet. The necessary vaccines must be administered. If it is necessary, the cat can be spayed or neutered.

Adult cats’ veterinary care

As we have seen, cats should have a regular medical checkup to increase the life potential. In case of any illness, your cat should be taken immediately to the veterinarian. Some cats are at greater risk of developing arthritis, feline diabetes or even become hyperthyroid. Younger cats may develop urinary tract issues including FLUTD. Cats that regularly visit the veterinary reduce the chance of developing these complications.

Senior cats care

All cat pets that have reached the age of 10 years should be taken to the veterinary two times per year for medical examinations. If your cat has developed chronic diseases, you will be required to regularly take them to the veterinarian for checkup and administration of necessary drugs. Even though dental care is important in all growth stages of the cat, senior cats may require specialized dental care services.

Working closely with the veterinarian will help you know the signs of healthy and unhealthy cats. Identifying a sickness during the early stage is very important as the veterinary will have the chance to reverse the condition.


Your cats must take a balanced diet if you want to reduce the risk of diseases. You cats should eat healthy and nutritious food. This will not only increase the lifespan of your cat but also reduce the risk of diseases. Depending on the age of the cat, you may need to feed your cat with raw diets, free-dried or freeze dried food, moist food. Canned or packets, dry cat foods and much more.

Spaying and neutering

Spaying or neutering our cats is the best thing if you don’t need to have a lot of cats. Neutering also reduces the risk of several diseases. It promotes health and well-being of the cat. Spaying will help you control population. High population of cats will pose an economic challenge. You will need a manageable number of cats.

Keep your cats indoors unless supervised

Keeping your cats indoor is the best thing. Cats kept indoors have less chances of developing diseases. If you want your cat to go to the field or garden, it must be supervised. Supervising the cat will also reduce the chances of injury and mating with poor breeds.

Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity can pose a serious health problem in most cats. According to the recent study conducted by the Pets association, 54% of cats are overweight. This may lead to serious health complications such as heart problems, liver, kidney related complications, pancreatic disease and much more. For you to avoid weight-related problems, you should engage your cat in regular exercises.

Use best cleaning products

The type of cleaning products you use can affect your cat either positively or negatively. You should never use dangerous products to clean your cat. Before you purchase a cleaning product, you should always contact the veterinarian.

Keep your cat hydrated

Hydration is one of the ways to give your cat a healthy life. Ensure that your cat is properly hydrated. You can do this by giving your cat water after meals or giving wet foods to your cat. Water is healthy and will help in digestion and healthy living.

Never declaw your cat

As a good cat owner, it is important to avoid declawing the cat. It is actually a breach of trust. There is no legitimate reason to declaw your cat unless it is medically necessary.

Bond with your cat

Let your cat be your best friend. This will solve a lot of complications brought by stress. If you cat is your best friend, you will be able to know the health condition of your cat. In case of any health related problem, you will be able to know pretty early and visit the veterinarian in good time.

There are different ways of bonding with your car. You can achieve this by showing love and concern, keeping them happy, playing with your cats, minimizing their anxiety and stress.

Cats make the best pets. They are happy and disciplined creatures. If you have a pet and you’d like to gibe him/her the best, you should commit yourself toward the well-being of your cat. Your cat has a right to good and healthy living.

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