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With all of the hilarious fictional stories about how a pet’s day goes while their pet parents are away, it’s not surprising to find that people are truly curious about what their pets are up to when they’re left at home. This is why a lot of folks look for the best pet camera, so they can always check in on their pets while they’re outside.

Aside from getting to know how your pet spends their day at home, pet cameras can also be very useful to monitor your pet’s behavior and training progress while you’re away. As some pets get anxious, panicky, and even outright problematic when left unsupervised, it’s important to have a way to see what they’re doing when you’re not home. This will help you learn if you need to take special measures to help them out.

Of course, a pet cam can also be a good way to ensure your pet’s safety. There are tons of things that can put them at risk at home, so having a way to monitor them would be nice.

Here are a few tips and product suggestions that you might find useful, to help you find the right camera for your pet.

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Top 10 Pet Camera - 2020

Jumpstart your search for the best pet camera with these ten options:

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

best pet camera

Pet cameras can always double as home surveillance units, so why not get the best unit there is so you can always check in on what happens at home? The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is a top-rated product for such, so it might just do the trick for your home.

This sophisticated unit has everything you need in a modern home surveillance camera. First off, it has a 3 megapixel which allows it to execute various advanced functions effectively and efficiently. Not only does it feed you videos and stills in 1080p resolution, but it also helps control its motion sensor. It can automatically digitally zoom-in where the action is detected without losing video quality.

The Nest Cam is also highly noted for its top excellent night vision. It provides a clear view of the room and not just a single spot, making it really useful for folks who need to monitor their pets in the dark.

Lots of folks also like how easy to customize this unit is. It has a scheduling feature that will let you set an operating time for the unit. This allows you to save energy and bandwidth if the Nest Cam isn’t operational while you’re home.

You can also turn on its person alerts to notify you if the unit detects a person in the room. It’s programmed to differentiate a person from things, so you can rest assured that you won’t be bugged by false reports.

The only downside of this product is it doesn’t have SD storage. It’s basically just a livestreaming device unless you subscribe to their cloud service known as the Nest Aware. However, you can always save the videos to your viewing device, may it be through the smartphone app or website.

Product features

  • 3 Megapixel Lens
  • 130° Wide-Angle View with Night Vision
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Built-in Mic and Speakers
  • Digital Zoom
  • Person Detection with Text and Email Alerts
  • App and Web Accessible
  • Amazon Alexa Compatible
  • Scheduling Feature
  • Free Nest Aware Trial

Petzi Treat Cam

best pet camera

Thanks to recent innovations, people can actually now backup new inventions that they see potential in. Not only is this a great way to add variety to the market, but it also guarantees the market’s interest in the product. This is why it’s safe to say that the Petzi Treat Cam has a lot to promise when it comes to pet surveillance. Launched through Indiegogo, its market definitely saw its potential that it was successfully developed from an idea to an actual product.

What makes the Petzi Treat Cam worth checking out is its intuitive design. Controlling this device is fuss-free with its Petzi iOS and Android app. It allows you to view your pet in real time as well as speak to them with the help of its built-in speaker. It will also let you snap photos that you can share with friends and family in Petzi’s very own social media site.

Another major reason why people like the Petzi Tret Cam is such a huge hit is the fact that it’s also a treat dispenser. You can opt to give your cutie a few treats even when you’re not at home with just a few taps. The device gives about three to four treats at a time, but be particular about the size of the treat to load it with as the dispenser only has a small opening.

Product features

  • Treat Dispensing
  • 720p Resolution
  • Wide-Angle Camera
  • Night Vision
  • Free Petzi iOS and Android App-Controlled
  • Built-in Speaker

YI 1080p Home Camera

YI 1080p Home Camera

Lots of pet parents might shy away from getting a camera for the pet because of their price. However, actual smart home surveillance devices even cost double, so it might seem like you don’t have much choice but to spend a serious amount of cash on such gadgets. With the YI 1080p Home Camera, though, you don’t have to spend a good amount of money if you don’t want to.  Being one of the best budget options in the market today, it promises great quality sans the hefty price tag.

Despite the low price, this YI product already has all the bells and whistles the camera has to offer. However, it’s actually designed to serve as a multifunctional baby monitor. Equipped with a baby crying sensor that will send you alerts and a superb night vision feature, you can easily keep track on your child in a different bedroom with this device. It can even be a better option than traditional baby monitors as it doesn’t have an LED light or infrared glare that will disturb a baby’s sleep.

Of course, all of these can also work really well for a pet. This is particularly great if you work at night and you don’t want to keep the lights on just so you can see your pet on the camera. With its two-way audio, you can even opt to “talk” to your cutie, may it be a human or fur baby, through the device.

Being a regular home surveillance device, it also has more features that you might find very useful for other purposes. It has a motion sensor that will tell you if someone’s moving around at home through an alert. It also has a MicroSD slot so you can also opt to just record everything that’s happening at home while you’re away.

Product Features

  • 1080p Resolution
  • Baby Crying and Motion Detection with Alerts
  • Supports Up to 32GB MicroSD
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Night Vision
  • Yi Cloud Storage Access
  • Yi Home App for Mobile and PC Access

Motorola Pet Scout66 Wi-Fi HD Pet Monitoring Camera

Motorola Pet Scout66 Wi-Fi HD Pet Monitoring Camera

Being one of the more prominent names in the tech industry, it’s not a shocker that Motorola has a wide range of camera products. What can be a bit surprising is that they’ve made one of the cameras around. The Motorola Pet Scout66 Wi-Fi HD Pet Monitoring Camera is actually more surprising for its niche branding more than its quality.

In any case, the Pet Scout66 is definitely a solid pet camera that you don’t want to miss out on. It might only have 720p resolution, but for most folks, that’s already enough definition for them to effectively livestream their pets while they’re away. Combined with a superb intercom feature that comes with a highly sensitive microphone, you’ll still feel close to your cutie even if they’re not in HD.

Equipped with a motion sensor that triggers recording and an infrared night vision feature, you’ll definitely get a lot of good footage from home. Everything can be livestreamed to your Hubble app or stored in its cloud. Hubble also has the CVR (Cloud Video Recording) so you can also opt to record your pet even if you’re not home.

Product Features

  • 720p Resolution
  • Motion Triggered Notifications
  • Hubble App Access
  • Cloud Based
  • Two-Way Audio with High Sensitivity Microphone
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • In-room Temperature Display


best pet camera

Those who are planning to install a camera to monitor their pet’s behaviors while they’re not home may not always have the time or opportunity to livestream footages of their living rooms. This is why a lot of people look for pet surveillance devices with its own storage as they tend to come in handy if you can only watch what happened during the day when you got home. This makes the TENVIS HD IP Camera a fantastic option as it has a MicroSD slot that can handle up to a 128GB card.

Unlike other pet cams, this product has the versatility to either record the footages at home, stream it to you live through the iMega app, or store it in a cloud. This gives you a good amount of control over what to do with the footages, which is always a great thing to have as a home and pet owner.

Aside from its storage options, this product is also noted for its wide-range night vision footages. Its monitoring range reaches up to 32 feet, giving you great visibility in your home all day long.

With its affordable price, some folks would be surprised to know that you can actually rotate, pan, tilt, and zoom in with this Tenvis product digitally. Not a lot of affordable options offer this, so it’s certainly a great plus if you want more control in how to monitor your beloved pet while you’re away.

Product features

  • 720p Resolution
  • iMega Cam App Access
  • Two-way Audio
  • 340 and 105° Rotatable, Pannable, Tiltable, and Zoomable
  • Motion Detection
  • MicroSD Slot
  • Cloud-Based Storage Available
  • 32’ Night Vision Range
  • Smart Alarm
  • Sound Wave Smart Connection

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and Wi-Fi

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and Wi-Fi

As the name suggests, the Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder with Built In Webcam and Wi-Fi is actually more of an electronic pet feeder. However, it can still be a solid choice if you just want to ensure that your pets are fed on time even when you’re not home or if you want something that’s more versatile than a regular camera.

For its main purpose, this product lets you program the feeding schedules and portions of your pet’s food. This makes it easier for you to feed them on a strict schedule without affecting yours. With just a few taps on the app, and you’re good to go.

Its built-in webcam is primarily for monitoring your pet’s meal times. You can access it on the app to check in on your pet at any time of the day. As it’s only an extra feature to the feeder, don’t expect it to have everything you need from a pet cam, though.

Product Features

  • Electronic Pet Feeder
  • Programmable Feeding Schedules and Portions
  • 6 Food Compartments
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • 320p Resolution

PetChatz HD Camera

best pet camera

Made for the clingy pet parent, the PetChatz HD Camera takes pet surveillance devices to the next level with its advanced features. It may not have the highest resolution video there is, as it allows you to actually communicate with your pet while you’re away is something a lot of pet parents are ready to spend some money on.

What sets it apart from other pet cams is its two-way video and audio system so you can basically video chat with your cutie while you’re away. The actual unit has its own video monitor so your pet can see you while you talk to them over the device. With an additional purchase of the PawCall, you can even get your pet to call you. As this device also dispenses treats, training your pet to come to the device or maybe even call you can be more easily done.

Another unique feature this product has is its ability to release a calming scent. This will help soothe your pet if they get anxious after talking to you over the device. It can even be used on its own to calm your pet when you see them acting panicked when left alone.

Product Features

  • 720p Resolution
  • Treat Dispensing
  • Two-way Audio and Video System
  • Pet Safe Design
  • Releases a Calming Scent
  • Compatible with Optional Additional PawCall Button

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Camera for Pet

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Worried that your pet is not having a lot of fun when you’re not home? Then the Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Camera for Pet might just be the perfect pick for you. This product’s standout feature, aside from its quality video quality, is its extra features: treat dispenser and laser game.

These two add-ons make the unit even more functional and engaging for your pet. The treat dispenser will certainly have them glued to the feeding machine while the laser game will have them distracted from begging for treats. Combined with a two-way radio and your cutie won’t have to feel like you’re not at home.

Like the other pet cams in this list, this is also easily accessed through a smartphone app. The Pawbo Life app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices so you can check in on your pet wherever you are. You can even connect up to 8 devices to one pet cam so the whole family can play with your pet even when they’re away.

Product Features

  • 720p Resolution
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Treat Dispensing
  • Laser Game
  • 130° Wide-Angle Lens
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Connects up to 8 Users
  • Pawbo Life App Access

Wansview Home Camera

best pet camera

On a tight budget but still want to monitor your pet at home? Grab a Wansview Home Camera and you’re good to go. This home surveillance device may be pretty basic but it can get the job done marvelously.

With a 720p video resolution, it already offers more than enough for a lot of pet parents. It also has a night vision that provides visibility for up to 20 feet away from the camera so you can have a room thoroughly covered with ease. It also has a wide viewing angle which further boosts its functionality. Equipped with a two-way audio feature, you can really opt for this if you just want the basics.

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Product Features

  • 720p Resolution
  • Night Vision up to 20 Feet
  • 120° Viewing Angle
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Wansview App Access

Nexgadget 720P HD Wireless Security IP Camera

best pet camera

Another solid option when it comes to pet surveillance that will let you record moments is the Nexgadget 720P HD Wireless Security IP Camera. This top-rated product is a good pick for practical homeowners who are willing to invest on a quality unit.

Loaded with features that are often found in more expensive units, this Nexgadget product might just be the perfect pet camera for your home. Unlike other products in its price point, it can already rotate, pan, and tilt to offer you a wider view in your home. It also has a MicroSD card slot that can support up to 64GB capacities so you won’t have a hard time recording your pet’s achievements and milestones even when you’re not home.

Product Features

  • 720p Resolution
  • Rotates, Pans, and Tilts
  • Motion Detection with Alarm Notification
  •  350° Horizontal, 90° Vertical Rotation Range
  • Advanced Night Vision
  • iSmartViewPro App Access
  • SD Card Slot

How To Choose the Best Pet Camera for Your Home

If you’re planning to get the first camera for your pet you come across with, please don’t. These products come in different shapes, sizes, and functionalities so you might want to be more careful in picking one. To ensure that you’ll bring home the one, these are a few considerations you should note:

Image Quality

Just like any other camera, image quality should matter for a pet cam. These devices come in a wide range of specifications, so you have ample options when it comes to the level of clarity it can offer.

Camera Range

This refers to the camera’s field of vision. The bigger it is, the more it can capture and feed to you. Some of the finest options also have pan, zoom, and tilt features, giving owners great control on the view they want to access or capture.

Wireless Connection

Unlike the olden days when you can only view the day’s footage once you get home, today’s wireless connections will give you instant access to your camera. This will allow you to access the feed in real time, letting you monitor your pet at home 24/7. However, not all cameras with wireless features are made equal. You should look for something that can offer reliable transmission.

You might also want to look for pet cams with special connectivity features. With today’s advances in technology, you’ll be able to find products with their own mobile applications that will let you access your home’s feed any time on your smart device. This will come in handy if you’re always on the move, making it an important consideration as well.

Other Useful Features

Some people may think that the followings are just extras, but others might deem them essential. Try looking for these features as well and decide whether you want such in your camera or not:

Two-way Audio

Some cameras have built-in mics and speakers so you can also hear what’s happening at home and you can “speak” to your pet even when you’re not home. It can be a great way to reassure your pet that you’re still around even when they can see you and maybe help soothe their anxiety of being left alone.

Motion Detection

Lots of pet parents install pet surveillance products to monitor their cuties’ destructive behaviors. If this is your case, you should definitely think about getting one with a motion sensor. This feature will let you instantly know whether your fur baby is currently destroying the couch or making a mess at home.

Treat Dispenser

Want to interact with your pet even while you’re not home? A treat dispensing camera can help you do that. You can program it to release a treat while you watch your cutie with the help of the device. However, you have to carefully consider this product’s pros and cons as they might also cause distress to your pet under certain circumstances.

Night Vision

Perfect for those who work graveyard shifts and don’t want to be wasteful by leaving the lights on for their pets, and with night vision features can really come in handy. You should make sure that the video quality is not compromised, however, when the camera is on night vision mode so you can really get the most out of the product.

Ease of Installment and Use

The camera is always the one that you’ll use. And if it’s so hard to operate or install, then you might not really have the patience for it. Always look for cameras that aren’t unnecessarily complicated so you can actually get to use them.


Like any other device, the good cameras come in a wide range of price points. This means that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on these products just to make sure that you’ll get a great unit.

Final Verdict

Choosing between a dedicated camera for pet or a home surveillance device can be a challenge if you don’t know what you want. Both will function really well for pet monitoring while you’re away, but if you want more interaction, you might want also want to consider the amount of interaction you want to make with your cutie before making a call.

Guaranteed to be of top notch quality and value, our ten picks should be able to at least give you a good idea what to expect from the best pet camera. Of course, you can also just opt to bring one of these ten items home and call it a day. Hopefully, you get to do so as that will really make your search for such products easier and more efficient.

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