10 Best Flea Spray For Furniture In 2019

There’s nothing better than caring for your furry bundle of joy. Nevertheless, if not properly tended, they might be in danger of pesky blood-sucking fleas.

These fleas could spread from your pets all over your house, and if you aren’t prepared, you’re going to be in big trouble.

Fleas spread all throughout your house, living in your furniture where they breed nonstop. To fight this threat, you’ll need to get your hands on the best flea spray for furniture possible.

However, there’s a lot to choose from, and you shouldn’t just get one at random.

So, go through our guide, and we’ll help you find the perfect spray to fend of these pests for good!

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10 Best Flea Spray for Furniture - Reviews

After extensive research and experimentation, we’ve managed to put together a list of the ten most magnificent flea sprays ever produced. Here’s our list.

Flea Killer with Certified Natural Oils

Flea Killer with Certified Natural Oils

A superb natural solution to a flea infestation. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many brands that can achieve that kind of effectiveness without introducing harsh chemicals into the mix. That’s where Vet’s Best breaks the mold.

Their usage of certified natural oils makes them safe for pets and children alike. Vet’s Best’s unique concoction boosts effectivity and makes your household a flea-free zone. So, let’s see what makes this brand so great.

First off, let’s talk about their unique plant-based ingredients. They use certified natural oils, which are all tested individually to gauge its effectiveness against fleas and safety to you. Despite its natural and harmless make-up, it devastates an infestation in a short while.

You can use them indoors on furniture such as dog bedding, carpets, blankets, etc. However, it is most useful when used on pets. Their dosage is so optimized adequately that you can use it on puppies as young as 12 weeks with no negative health repercussions. Even though it isn’t scented, dogs seem to love it.

To use this, all you have to do is spray it lightly onto the surface evenly. Do not worry about stains since Vet’s Best made sure that stains won’t ever linger onto your carpets or blankets.

Lightly spray it onto your pet and gently massage them. This spreads the solution all over their coat and kills all fleas and ticks attached. Make sure you wash your hands after use.

What we liked

  • Uses a mixture of superb natural oils
  • Safe for dogs as young as 12 weeks
  • Effective on rugs, crates, sofas, beddings and more
  • No scented smell, but dogs seem to love it
  • Doesn’t leave stains upon use

Flea and Tick Killer for Home

Flea and Tick Killer for home

Most of the time, insecticides are littered with chemical contents that are dangerous to take in. There’s a good reason why the instructions tell you to stay away from the applied regions. If you don’t, you’ll be taking in dangerous chemicals that can hurt your health.

However, some brands focus on creating natural solutions to your pest problems. There’s hardly a brand better than Wondercide for this purpose. They are known for creating perfect natural concoctions that are potent enough to kill fleas while remaining healthy.

Like their many superb natural units, this is something special. It has the perfect potency for use on your pets. Yes, if your pets are infested, you can apply this onto your adult pets (might still be harmful to young animals) to get them flea-free.

This kind of usage is rare, considering most other sprays are very harmful to animals. All you have to do is spray it onto your pet and rub its coat to spread out the concoction.

Make sure you don’t soak your pet. Put some on your hand and then rub it on delicate parts like ears and face. Repeat this process a few times a week, and your pet will become pest-free.

Once you’re done, it will repel future fleas from invading for quite a long time. Although we emphasized its use on pets for quite a bit, it doesn’t mean you can’t use them on furniture.

You can apply it to carpets, rugs, drapes and so on. However, its natural properties and lemongrass smell make it safe for you and your children to breathe in.

What we liked

  • It is usable on pets
  • It is made with natural sources
  • Produces a lemongrass smell
  • Kills by contact
  • Safe for kids

Premise Pest Control Spray

Premise Pest Control Spray

When we use a flea spray, we don’t just want to get rid of these pests; we want them never to come back again. However, only the best of the best flea spray bands can offer this level of offense and defense. Thankfully, Vet-Kem is here to provide you with exactly that with its high-quality, potent sprays.

We all know the frustration of running out of spray while you’re in the middle of extermination. You need to prep your house entirely if you don’t want the fleas to repopulate in a matter of days. So, leaving some parts unfinished is unacceptable.

However, Vet-Kem has got your back with a whopping 2,000 square feet treating range. Unless you’re living in a multimillion-dollar mansion, this capacity should be more than good enough to cover your whole house. Now, it’s natural to evacuate the home for hours after applying any spray.

Not for this one. It kills adult fleas in just about 10 minutes. The toxins kill eggs and larvae as well, disrupting their life cycle and eliminating them altogether. Treated regions become uninhabitable for seven months, letting you forget about your pest worries for a long time.

There are a few things you need to know when going over its use. Mainly, you need to vacuum the vicinity before you get down to work. Also, make sure your car isn’t in your garage if you’re applying there too.

On carpets, rugs, drapes, and other places, you need to use a soft spot treatment. Just keep on spraying until it gets slightly damp.

What we liked

  • Offers 7 months of reinfestation prevention
  • Soft spot treatment for rugs, drapes, carpets, etc.
  • Used in apartments, garages, kennels, and furniture
  • Kills fleas and ticks
  • Can treat up to 2,000 square feet

Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray

Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray

So, let’s say you want a proper whole house treatment. You’ll need something powerful for that. However, powerful sprays run the risk of leaving stains and smells behind. Is it possible to get a spray without these flaws? Well, that’s where Zoecon has you covered.

This brand prides itself on how incredibly they provide their services, yet doesn’t come with the kind of drawbacks you’d expect. It uses numerous contents and combines them to grant you professional-grade extermination.

Everything Zoecon put into this spray is perfectly optimized to eradicate fleas and their larvae from your household. The concoction is water-based, so it can get the most coverage possible. This allows you to spray up to 2,000 square feet effectively.

Like we mentioned before, this spray doesn’t leave any residue behind, something hard to achieve on water-based units. Each spray releases a fine mist that doesn’t attack you with a potent stench. It remains largely odorless, so you don’t need to worry about inhaling unhealthy fumes.

The released molecules are heavier than air. As such, they won’t go flying upwards where you don’t need them. Instead, they go deep into your carpets, blankets, and so on to eliminate the pests for good. This kind of hyper-effectiveness is precisely why professionals so love this model.

It contains two significant chemicals to kill off adult fleas. These are Permethrin and Phenothrin. They quickly poison and eliminate fleas and their spawns. Also, it contains Precor IGR that lingers to keep your furniture flea-free for seven more months.

All you have to do to use this guy is to apply lightly onto the surface. Make sure the mist sprays all over so that it can attack the fleas from every corner.

What we liked

  • 2,000 square feet coverage capacity
  • Doesn’t stain your furniture with residue
  • Particles are more substantial than air to dive deep into your furniture
  • Repels fleas for seven months after use

Vet's Best Flea & Tick Home Spray

Vet's Best Flea & Tick Home Spray

We return to Vet’s Best yet again for another one of their state-of-the-art sprays. While the previous entry was an all-in-all superb option for your house and dogs, this is an excellent concoction made with the express needs of cats in mind.

This goes to show how much Vet’s Best cares to cover all purposes rather than just sticking to one. So, the critical detail here is that this spray is safe to use on cats. Dogs are more resilient to harmful chemicals than cats are.

So, if you have a cat, you need to be more careful with the kind of pesticide you use. You cannot use just any flea spray and call it a day. That’s why Vet’s Best made this flea and tick spray specifically to cater to cats.

It is incredibly useful and doesn’t cause any lingering irritation to your feline friends. This is mainly due to the superb mixture of natural oils. Yes, like the Vet’s Best entry before it, this model utilizes the best, healthiest, and most effective natural oils the world has ever seen.

Also, it doesn’t have the strong unhealthy fumes that you’d expect from any flea sprays. Instead, they have a faint odor that is strong enough to eliminate fleas and ticks while being just gentle enough to keep your cats healthy.

Although we’ve been talking about its usefulness on cats for this entry, we are aware that this is a list of the top 10 best flea spray for furniture, not pets. However, we’re happy to report that its effects on furniture are just as superb. The furniture properly absorbs the spray and eliminates all fleas and ticks.

Hence, if you want a natural solution to your pest problems and to save your cats as well, then this is the spray for you.

What we liked

  • Uses natural oils for a healthy yet effective usage
  • Optimal intensity for cats
  • Usable on most household furniture like rugs, sofas, and beddings
  • Does not leave stain marks after use

Adams Flea & Tick Home Spray

Adams Flea & Tick Home Spray

Worried about ticks, fleas, or bed bugs? Well, in that case, Adams has a spray that can eliminate all of them. The brand prides itself on just how effectively they can take down any pests and give you long-lasting home protection.

They have a history spanning over 30 years, earning the trust of pest control professionals and veterinarians alike. Starting from its superb chemical build-up to its ease of use, Adams really took this unit to the next level.

Although almost all of the sprays we’ve included need so far kill adult fleas, larvae, and eggs altogether, you’d be surprised how many sprays settle for killing the adults. Not this, though. It will eliminate the entire flea life cycle for good and keep your house pest-free.

Instead of just killing them, the spray offers seven additional months of protection where new fleas cannot inhabit the sprayed region. Not to mention, the concoction is powerful enough to take down adult fleas in just a matter of 5 minutes. Your home will be in tip-top condition very fast.

Even if your concern isn’t fleas, this kills other pests too. This includes significant annoyances like bed bugs, ticks, cockroaches, ants, and so much more. So, even after you eliminate your flea issue, you’ll have a lot of chances to use this guy again.

All in all, this is an extremely effective solution to more or less all your pest problems instead of just fleas. It is a perfect solution to taking control of your home back from those wretched insects.

However, you should keep in mind that this is quite a robust solution. So, you can’t use them on pets. Despite that, Adam’s flea spray is a superb option for any household.

What we liked

  • Potency kills insects in 5 minutes
  • Kills fleas, ants, cockroaches, ticks and so much more
  • Prevents reinfestation for up to 7 months
  • Effectively usable on a plethora of furniture

HARTZ UltraGuard Plus Flea & Tick Home Spray

HARTZ UltraGuard Plus Flea & Tick Home Spray

When you’ve got a light infestation, it’s not all that necessary to invest in high costing sprays. Some sprays offer superb effectiveness while also being reasonably priced. When it comes to these types of sprays, there are few brands as useful as HARTZ.

You don’t need to spend over 10 dollars on a spray if your situation isn’t all that difficult. At the same time, what if you had the chance to get a shower that offers the same kind of impeccable quality you’d expect on this list.

It’s a low-cost solution to all of your fleas and tick problems. The spray kills adult larvae, pupae, and eggs altogether to end their life cycle right then and there. You get all this without the potent chemical stench these sprays usually have. Instead, you’ll get a pleasant clean scent to comfort you.

Elimination is one thing, but if your house gets re-infested, there is no real point. Therefore, this spray repels future infestations with its insect growth regulators. Once you add this to your arsenal, your pest issues are going to fly by fast.

Although it smells nice, this spray isn’t meant for humans or dogs. Spray softly onto furniture and other places in your house that could be infested, including beddings and blankets. Do not apply to skin, and don’t take in the fumes released even if it smells nice.

What we liked

  • Effective solution for an affordable price tag
  • Has a scented smell
  • Uses IGR to prevent pests from coming back
  • Kills ticks and fleas in every stage of their life cycle

Pest Control Spray for Home and Kitchen

Pest Control Spray for Home and Kitchen

Since the last entry was the most affordable spray on our list, we’re shifting to the most expensive one for contrast. Don’t let the price tag scare you off, though. You’ll get everything you’re paying for and more.

As its name implies, Wondercide brings the wonder in pesticide. It has unmatched effectiveness, eradicating fleas at a massive rate. They have set a plethora of quality standards for themselves, which other brands wouldn’t dare adhere to. This kind of quality control is extremely rare in the industry.

And this spray doesn’t stop at just fleas. It kills any insect or arachnid that could invade your home. Be it flies, ants, spiders or cockroaches, Wondercide has got your back. You’d naturally think something so potent would be stacked full of chemicals, but that’s not true in this case.

Wondercide does an excellent job of attaining this level of effectiveness through natural solutions. They boast high-grade cedar oils that disrupt an insect’s heart rate, causing them to drop dead by the thousands. The natural cedar solution keeps it healthy for you and your pets, as well.

That’s right; if you have a pet in need of treatment, this spray has you covered. It’s suitable for cats and dogs alike. From the review, it’s easy to tell that this unit has a wide range of uses. You can spray it on your furniture and your pets with maximum effectiveness.

All you have to do is lightly apply a bit of the spray onto the surface and let it rest. In case of pets, spray and massage your pet’s entire body to spread it out. With versatility, healthiness, and potency to its name, it has earned its spot in our best flea spray for furniture list.

What we liked

  • Natural Cedar oils that are safe for pets
  • Has a peppermint scent
  • Eliminates a wide variety of pests including fleas, cockroaches and spiders
  • Usable on furniture and pets
  • Repels reinfestation after use

Sentry Home Flea and Tick Spray for Home and Carpet

SENTRY HOME Flea and Tick Home and Carpet Spray

After Wondercide, let’s take it down a notch and introduce something more traditional and affordable. It might seem that you already have the ultimate low-cost option with the HARTZ unit. However, there are some features that it lacks that could make or break a deal.

That’s within this spray’s pet odor repellent. If you’re a pet owner, you should be already familiar with the stench pet odor on you or your pet’s beddings. That’s where Sentry comes in with its superb flea spray solution. This unit is the perfect option if you want a chemical solution while still owning pets.

Of course, you can’t use them directly on pets. However, it helps you keep your house free from flees while removing pet odor from your furniture. So, you can use this to keep your home smelling normal when you don’t have an infestation to deal with. This kind of flexible, all-round usability is rare among sprays.

Nevertheless, you don’t buy a flea spray to remove pet odor. You buy them to exterminate fleas from your house. As such, with its position on this list, you can easily deduce that this spray destroys insects exceptionally quickly.

So, it’s easy to see why you should get this spray. Once used, you wait for the fleas to die out.

Once they do, the IGR content makes the region uninhabitable to fleas for an additional seven months. So, if you have a pet and you want a cheap, long-lasting solution, you can use this superb model to kill two birds with one stone.

What we liked

  • Kills all generations of fleas together
  • It breaks down pet odor from beddings
  • Useable on furniture of all kinds
  • Provides seven months of protection after use

Enforcer Flea Spray for Homes

Enforcer Flea Spray for Homes

That was a long list, but we’re at the end now. Although it’s the last entry on our list, there is no denying the fact that the potency of this Enforcer unit is simply out of this world. The previous entries we’ve mentioned are great for household use.

However, this is the perfect flea spray if you are a professional. Starting, you’re getting a whopping 128 ounces of flea spray to sell all your anti-pest needs. With this much volume backing you up, you could easily clear out a neighborhood.

Enforcer has a great track record of consistently coming out with the best sprays to eliminate fleas to date. You’ll feel like each spray destroys an entire colony of fleas.

Killing isn’t everything anymore. Prevention is the key to a healthy household. Enforcer makes sure that you won’t have to worry about these pests coming back for about seven months after use.

To use this, you have to apply to your furniture and wait till it eliminates all the flies for good. Make sure you don’t use it on pets since they aren’t naturally made and could be potentially harmful.

Otherwise, they are an excellent option that wonderfully wraps up our reviews for the best flea spray for furniture in the market.

What we liked

  • Repels fleas for an additional seven months after use with IGR content
  • Kills fleas and ticks
  • Large capacity of 128 ounces
  • Professional-grade potency

Best Flea Spray For Furniture Buying Guide & FAQ

Now that you’re acquainted with the best sprays in the industry, you need to know which characteristics you should focus on and which conditions you need to meet to get the exact spray you want. So, here are the things you need to look out for.

Intensity of Infestation

The kind of spray you buy should directly correlate to the level of flea infestation you’re dealing with. The stronger the infestation is, the more potent your spray has to be.

Additionally, you can’t rely on even the best flea spray for the furniture once the infestation reaches a certain threshold. In those cases, your best option would be to seek professional help.

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Pet Ownership

You cannot use any flea spray on your pets. That could be harmful to your poor furry friends and yourself as you inhale the fumes when you apply. If your house has fleas, it’s a reasonable assumption that they infested your pets too.

So, you need to try and find a spray with natural compounds to kill fleas around the house and on your pets at the same time. If you don’t own a pet, then you don’t need to compromise on the kind of spray you get. Just look for which one suits your needs the most.

Natural or Synthetic Compounds

We touched on this topic for a bit before, but now let’s get fully into it. Sprays are usually made out of powerful chemical compounds to eliminate fleas in all stages of their life cycle. However, these chemicals are somewhat harmful to the health of human beings, as well.

On the other hand, you have the option to choose a natural spray that uses oils such as cedar oils to eliminate fleas in your household. They are usually safe in normal doses and are not major health hazards. They are also the prime option in case you want to treat your pets.

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Kill, Repel or Both

This is based on the chemical build-up of a spray. While most sprays on this list can do both, some low-intensity sprays won’t be as effective in killing as you would want it to. Again, this relies heavily on just how severe your infestation is.

If you want long-lasting safety from these pests, you’ll want something with IGR. This is a long-lasting chemical that keeps the treated area free from fleas since it prevents them from breeding. So, if you want to repel, make sure your chosen spray has it.

Benefits of Using Flea Spray for Furniture

Flea sprays come with a set of benefits that make them nearly a must-have for any household. Let’s go over some of these benefits before we go any further.

Kill and Repel Fleas

The main reason anyone will want these sprays is to eliminate fleas from their homes. However, there’s always a risk that they might come back. So, you have the option to go for a flea repellent spray that keeps these pests away for good, giving you house all-round protection from fleas.

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Keeps Your Pets Flea-Free

If your house has a flea infestation, you can bet that they’ll find their way onto your pets. Fleas carry a plethora of harmful diseases that could have fatal effects on your pet. If that happens, you should take them to the vet immediately. However, it’s better if you can prevent this harm entirely using this spray.

Saves Money from Hiring Pest Control

Time and time again, people ignore their pest problems to avoid hiring proper pest control services. This ends up letting these parasites breed and spread throughout your house.

Once it reaches a certain level of infestation, you have to seek pest control to kill them off for good. However, you can stop it from getting that intense with these flea sprays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding flea sprays for furniture:

1. What kind of sprays do I need for pets?

Pets are very delicate creatures and should not be exposed to harmful chemicals inherent to flea sprays. So, your best option is to use natural oil sprays instead.

They are effective and healthy. Make sure you check if they are compatible with your pet or not. The age of your pet matters, as well. The younger they are, the more susceptible they are to chemical fumes from even natural solutions. So, keep these in mind before you use them on your pet.

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2. Can I avoid hiring pest control with this?

This heavily depends on just how intense the infestation is. When the infestation is just starting, then a spray is more than capable of taking all the fleas down. However, that becomes difficult if the infestation is severe. Even if a handful of fleas survive, they can repopulate at incredible speeds.

So, to properly exterminate them, you have to kill them all. This is difficult to do when you have a severe infestation on your hands. As such, in those cases, you should seek professional help.

3. When can I bathe my pet after applying flea spray?

First of all, you should always give your pets a thorough shower before you apply the spray. After treatment, you should bathe your pet after a week has passed to make sure all the fleas have died off first. If you bath them earlier, it might wash the spray off.

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4. What can I do if I want to prevent reinfestation?

Of course, the first step here is to invest in a spray that can repel fleas for some time. You should set a schedule of treating your home every few months to keep your house safe for good.

5. What’s the most effective type of spray for furniture?

For furniture, you should get a potent spray. So, your best solution is to go to chemical-based sprays. Also, try going for something that doesn’t leave stain marks.


Now that you know everything you need to get the best flea spray for furniture, you’re now prepared to exterminate all those pests once and for all. No household deserves this kind of infestation. So, go out there now and take back your home!

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