Best Doormat For Dogs

Paw prints may be some of the cutest things on the planet, but not if it’s crusted with dirt and mud on your hardwood floors or carpet. Cleaning after your beloved pooch’s tracks every time they come in after a walk or some play time in the yard can be a major hassle. Luckily, with the best doormat for dogs, you can enjoy a paw-print free home.

You might be wondering, why should you opt for a special doormat for your pooch when you already have a nice one in your doorway? Well, doggy doormats are actually specially designed to get your pet to wipe their paws on the mat before heading inside the house. This makes them more effective than regular doormats.

To help you find the Best Doormat For Dogs that will suit your needs, we’ve rounded up the top rated doormats. Each guarantees great quality and effective cleaning, promising easier floor maintenance even with a few pups at home.

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Top 10 Doormat For Dogs - 2019

For doggy doormats, here are a few items that you can start your search with:

Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat

Best Doormat For Dogs

Your fur baby’s comfort is just as important as keeping your home in great shape. This is why a doggy doormat that’s soft to touch can be the best pick for most households. For this, you can turn to the Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat.

Made with high-quality microfiber, this item promises a velvety soft surface that’s also highly absorbent. It’s so plush that some folks even say that their pets actually love lounging in it. The fact that some pooches can actually nap and sleep in it is enough proof that it will be soft enough for a lot of paw-wiping.

Despite its soft texture, this doormat is a hard worker. It can soak water and mud up to seven times its weight, so you’re guaranteed that your pup’s paws will be dried before they step on your floors.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise as it is made of high-grade microfiber. It has a 3000 GSM absorption rate that lets it soak up a good amount of liquid without a fuss. Finished with a double basting construction and you’ve got yourself a durable and reliable doggy doormat that thousands of households love.

What might surprise you is how easy it is to maintain. As it is rated to dry up to 5x faster than its competitors, you can be guaranteed that it’s pretty low-maintenance. You don’t have to keep wringing it dry every after use, making it perfect for busy households. It’s also machine washable, so you won’t have to improvise complicated techniques to clean it.

In terms of safety, you also don’t have to worry about this product. It has a Gripper Non-Skid Backing so no one will slip and fall when using this doormat. It promises to stay in place so your pooch can go hard in wiping their paws on it and they won’t have to lose their balance and get injured in the process.

Product features

  • 3000 GSM Absorption Rate
  • Gripper Non-Skid Backing
  • Double Basting Construction
  • Measures 35” x 26”
  • Machine Washable

DII Natural Coir Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Doormat

Best Doormat For Dogs

Some people are not particularly fond of microfiber materials as their small particles are easily washed off and carried back to the sea. In high amounts, this can be a problem. The DII Natural Coir Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Doormat is one alternative worth checking out, though.

Made with 100% coconut coir fiber, this doormat promises an eco-friendly alternative to microfiber. Traditionally used for its ability to absorb moisture and trap dirt, coconut coir fiber continues to be a popular option for doormat material. You can leave it outside and is very low priced, making it an extra attractive option for lots of homeowners.

However, as this product isn’t exactly made for pups, you might find your pet a bit hesitant to use it. It’s not as plush as microfiber, so it might require some extra training to get your pet to wipe their paws on this mat before entering the house.

Product features

  • Coconut Coir Fiber Material
  • Different Designs Available
  • Measures 18” x 30”
  • Non-skid Bottom

Walky Dog Dirty Dog Rug Microfiber Dog Pet Doormat

Walky Dog Dirty Dog Rug Microfiber Dog Pet Doormat

Because doggy doormats won’t really be exclusively used by dogs, some folks might want to get one that looks more inclusive. Opting for a regular doormat is out of the question as they’re not as absorbent as doormats made specifically for dogs. As most doormats made especially for dogs have canine elements in them (bones, doggy silhouettes, etc.), this can be a good challenge. However, with the Walky Dog Dirty Dog Rug Microfiber Dog Pet Doormat, you won’t have to look far and wide for the right product for you.

Designed in Italy with a simple floral detail, this product can easily be a great choice for any household that isn’t too keen about a doggy doormat advertising their dog’s presence. It has everything you need in a fantastic doggy doormat without looking like one.

Made with high-quality microfiber, this mat is exceptionally absorbent. It can soak water and mud that’s up to 7 times its weight. This ensures that your pooch (or any other household member) can dry off before stepping in your house. It also dries up five times faster than regular floor mats, making it an even better option for many households.

You also won’t have to dread cleanups with this product. As it’s machine washable, you won’t have to slave away getting rid of the liquids and debris that it managed to trap.

Product Features

  • High-grade Microfiber Material
  • Non-skid Backing
  • 35.5″ x 26″

Dog "Extra Thick" Micro Fiber Door Mat

Dog "Extra Thick" Micro Fiber Door Mat

Some pups love playing in water so much that floors are guaranteed to take a beating from being damp all the time. For additional protection, you might prefer a thicker mat that will help sop up more liquids effectively. The Dog “Extra Thick” Micro Fiber Door Mat is a great pick for this purpose as it is thicker than other doggy doormats in the market today.

With its thick design, this microfiber doormat is capable of absorbing a good amount of liquid and mud without a hitch. It can easily hold up to 7 times its weight that it’s also a popular choice to be used as a feeding area mat. It can keep the water from your dog’s bowl away from your flooring, helping you protect your home from potential pet damage.

As it is designed with microfiber bristles, this doormat is also excellent for catching dirt from your pup’s paws. This makes it extra useful, as it guarantees that you won’t have to keep cleaning every time your pet steps outside.

Product Features

  • 3000 GSM Absorption Rate
  • Fun Paw Print Detail
  • Measures 32″ X 19″
  • Non-slip Backing
  • Waterproof Liner Included

Soggy Doggy Slopmat

Best Doormat For Dogs

Lots of dogs are sloppy drinkers. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should just let your pet ruin your floors because they can’t manage not to spill the water from their drinking bowls. A quick solution is the Soggy Doggy Slopmat as it is specifically designed to help pooches feed comfortably without you having to worry about spills.

Made with high-quality chenille microfiber, this product promises to soak up liquids up to 7 times its weight. It also dries up quickly, making it ready to get to work again in just a short while.

What lots of owners also like about this product is its ability to trap dirt in its microfiber bristles. You can then shake them out easily for some fuss-free cleaning. If you want to be more thorough, just throw it in the wash and you’re good to go.

While this product is made primarily to serve as a feeding mat, it can also effectively serve as a doormat. It can be a bit small, though, for larger dog breeds, but it will fit most doorways perfectly, so it can easily be a great pick for an entryway accessory.

Product features

  • Microfiber Chenille Material
  • Measures 18” x 24”
  • Non-skid Bottom
  • Machine Washable

iPrimio Dog "Extra Thick" Micro Fiber Pet and Dog Door Mat

iPrimio Dog "Extra Thick" Micro Fiber Pet and Dog Door Mat

A thick doormat can be more reassuring for some people when it comes to absorbency. The thicker the material is, the more liquid it can soak in. This is exactly the case of the iPrimio Dog “Extra Thick” Micro Fiber Pet and Dog Door Mat. It’s very thick construction makes it capable of soaking in liquids that are up to 7 times its weight.

Used by pet parents with sloppy dogs and those who live in wet climates, this iPrimio product does an exceptional job in keeping your floors dry and dirt-free. It’s highly absorbent that even if your pet pees or spills water on it, you won’t have to worry about the liquid scattering. The material can effectively hold all the liquids until you wring it out.

As it’s also dark colored, you don’t have to worry about unsightly stains. This makes it even easier to clean, as you won’t have to bother about scrubbing it hard to remove the spots and stains.

Product Features

  • 3000 GSM Absorption Rate
  • Measures 32″ by 19″
  • Waterproof Line Included

Soggy Doggy 36-Inch by 60-Inch Microfiber Chenille Doormat

Best Doormat For Dogs

When it comes to doggy doormats, the rule of thumb is the bigger, the better. So if you have a large doorway as well, an extra large doormat can be a great pick for you. The Soggy Doggy 36-Inch by 60-Inch Microfiber Chenille Doormat is one of the bigger options you have when it comes to the doormat for big dogs, so you can definitely consider this for your large breed pooches.

One of the most notable things about this product is its heavy weight. It may be made with microfiber chenille but it uses a very substantial variety that helps keep the mat in place. Combined with a rubber backing, it promises not to slide around and cause injuries or any kind of hassle for your pets.

A lot of pet parents also like its dark color as it helps hide stains more effectively. You won’t need to slave away washing everything off as stains won’t be highly visible in this doormat.

Of course, it also does a fantastic job in soaking up water. Like other Soggy Doggy products, this doormat is highly absorbent. It soaks up liquid that is up to 7 times its dry weight so you’re guaranteed that it will sop up the mud and dirt on your pup without a hitch.

Product Features

  • Microfiber Chenille Material
  • Measures 36” x 60”
  • Milkbone Detail

Soggy Doggy Productions Soggy Doggy Pet Door Mat

Soggy Doggy Productions Soggy Doggy Pet Door Mat

A smaller version of the Soggy Doggy 36-Inch by 60-Inch Microfiber Chenille Doormat, the Soggy Doggy Productions Soggy Doggy Pet Door Mat can be considered as a more versatile doggy doormat. Thanks to its smaller size, you can use it for other applications aside from protecting your floors from mud and water tracked in by your pooch.

Because of its size, you can fit it nicely on cars and crates. Some even use it as their pup’s travel bed as it’s easier to pack and is also very comfortable. Made with chenille microfiber, you can expect it to be very soft to touch.

As it also uses the same material as other doggy doormats from Soggy Doggy, you can also count on this product to be highly absorbent. This makes it a fantastic addition to your car during trips to the dog park, especially during the rainy season. It might just help keep your seats clean and dry without you having to spend a lot.

Product Features

  • Microfiber Chenille Material
  • Measures 26” x 36”
  • Machine Washable

All U Humorous Dog Sniffing Welcome Doormat

Best Doormat For Dogs

While some people might not like doormats that are dog-themed, they might just have to rethink their decisions with the All U Humorous Dog Sniffing Welcome Doormat. Deemed by many as a work of fine art, it can be the perfect pick for any dog-lover there is.

What makes this product such a big hit is its design. It features an illustration of a dog sniffing another which is the usual manner most dogs greet each other and home visitors. The scenario is succinctly depicted in a doormat which makes it all the more adorable.

The only downside is the fact that this product isn’t an actual doggy doormat. It might not be as absorbent as the fluffier varieties on this list, but as it is an outside door mat, you can still count on it to perform well. It’s still highly absorbent with its olefin yarn material, so it can still help keep your pooches from tracking in mud and debris into the house.

Product Features

  • 100% Olefin Yarn Material
  • Humorous Dog-themed Screen Printed Design
  • Measures 27″ x 18″

How To Choose the Best Doormat

With all of the great options that you’re about to get acquainted with, it will be better to go in knowing what to look for in a good doormat for your pup. So to help you for that, we’ve listed down a few considerations you should take note of to ensure that you’ll find the right match for you.

Doormat Material

The most important thing to consider in a doggy doormat is the kind of material it uses. The right material will guarantee excellent absorbency which will help get rid of wet dirt and mud from your pup’s paws. Most doormats for dogs are made with chenille or microfibers, so you won’t have a problem looking for an absorbent mat.

The doormat’s material should also suit where you intend to place them. If you want to put the mat on the porch, it should be more durable. It will be exposed not just to your pet’s paws but to the elements as well, so you have to make sure that it will hold up.

Its softness is also worth considering. Your pup’s paws may be able to handle heat and cold in most instances, but you wouldn’t want them to step on something rough. They won’t enjoy it and might stop using your doormat altogether if they don’t like the feeling it gives them. A soft and plush doormat might be more encouraging for them to use, so opt for materials that can offer such.


Another important point to consider for doggy doormats is their size. It should always be bigger than your pooch so they can easily and effectively wipe their paws off it. In fact, the bigger your mat is, the better it will be. If you have a large breed pup, fret not, as these items come in a wide variety of sizes.

Always make sure to take note of the measurements, especially if you’re buying online. It should not only be bigger than your pooch but should still fit your doorway. This way you can be sure that it will be used effectively and safely.

Non-Slip Design

Like any other doormat, the one you’ll get for your pup should have a non-slip bottom to ensure their safety and ease of use. They shouldn’t slide around when your pet tries to wipe their paws on them as this can scare your fur baby and discourage them from using it ever again. It should also stay in place so it won’t cause accidents and injuries.

Ease of Maintenance

Your doggy doormat will get dirty, so you have to be prepared for its maintenance as well. The good news is, lots of these products are machine washable, making them very easy to clean and maintain.

Your Pet’s Training

Another important point to consider when getting the right doormat for your dogs is their training. A doggy doormat won’t be of much use if you can’t teach your pup to use them. So, make sure to also train your fur baby to wipe their paws before entering the home. This may be an extra task that can take a while for your pup to master, but it will be all worth it if you won’t have to clean your floors every time they step out.

Final Verdict

Some mess can be excused as your family being too busy to make memories than clean up the house, but when it comes to wet and muddy floors, it’s an entirely different matter. Not only can this damage your floor, but it can also cause injuries if ignored. Fortunately, the best doormat for dogs are very affordable and easy to find. You can even just opt for one of our top picks and you’ll be guaranteed great absorbency and quality like no other.

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