Best Clumping Cat Litter Guide & Reviews

Ready to know about the best clumping cat litter of this world? This article is going to help you know that. If you are a pet parent, you know already that the hardest part of living with your cat is dealing with the litter issues. No matter how hard you try, things go wrong once in a while and everything turn into a mess.

Well, not anymore if you know which clumping litter would be your ideal solution to go for. The whole point is to make sure that you do not have to suffer the next time when you are going ahead and buying a litter unit. So with that thought, let’s get started.

Top 10 Clumping Cat Litter – 2020

Here are some great products that you are looking for:

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World’s Best Cat Litter

Best Clumping Cat Litter

The first one that we have in list is the World’s best cat litter (self proclaimed). This is a clumping formula from the company with the same name. The price is surprisingly cheap which you will love about it. There are different pound bags that you can go for which is also interesting and convenient.

It starts with 7 pound model and goes up to 28 pounds having different units on 14, 15, 20, and 30 pound bags. If you are buying it for the first time, go for a seven pound bag and if your cat likes it, buy the big ones from the next time to keep things cheap.

The best part with this one is the ability to control odor. The odor free feature will surely attract you and this works fine too. It is not one of those units that will offer you anything to sell. The odor free feature works and so does the dust free one. The unit is super easy to scoop and you can clump things without worrying twice. This is one of the finest ones out there.

Precious Cat Ultra Premium

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Litter

The next one we have in our list is the Precious Cat ultra premium from the brand Precious Cat. The brand is famous for producing quality cat litter for a long time now and there is no reason why you would not trust this clumping litter bag either. The bad news is that there is not many size options available for you to go for. There is one eighteen pound option that you can go to and then there is a bigger option which is up to forty pounds. Where the big units are great value for money, you do not have the option to test whether this will be a good fit for your cat or not. That is sad and there is only one thing that you can do about this. If you have a friend who use this unit then simply borrow some from him or her and try it with your cat. You will immediately know whether your cat is going to like this or not. If you do not have that option then go ahead and buy the smaller unit.

Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay Cat Litter

Clumping Cat Litter

The third one in our list is another one from the popular Precious Cat. Well, this one is a lot like the last unit with a very few differences. Let’s talk about the features first for a change and then we will get into the size and other details.

This is a clumping unit with hard models. This is not one of the soft clumping units that you will have to worry about. The clumping is very strong and being hard comes with the advantages too. The first advantage is being low dust. You do not want the dust to flow all around your home for no reason and sometimes, litters make that happen.

This is not only bad to look at, this is bad for your health too. Why would you even want dust to have in your rooms, right?

The precious cat solves that problem for us. Apart from that, you can use it in Self-Cleaning litter boxes too which is another advantage.

Coming back to the size part, this unit comes in only one size which is a big box of 20lb. Where that might not be a great option for many people for the first time, this will surely be from the second time onwards.

Feline Pine Original Litter

Best Clumping Cat Litter

Feline Pine is the one that we will talk about next. The best part about Feline Pine is that this is probably the healthiest set of cat litter that you will ever find around. This brand has been there for a long time now and there are a lot of users who appreciate and love this brand for the trustable products that they produce. The Feline Pine original litter is another among that list. There are a lot of features of this unit to be happy about. The first one is the chemical free feature which the cat parents love. This is 100 percent natural in every possible way. The unit is designed for homes with multiple cats. The company guarantees that there will never be dust or tracking issues with this litter and the litter absorbs liquid completely. According to the company, this litter works as a sponge system for the liquids of your cat. This means that you got nothing to worry about odor either. Lastly, the unit comes in one size only which is the 40lb size. This might be the only negative fact about this unit that there is no small packs to test.

Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clamp & Seal Clumping Litter

Best Clumping Cat Litter

The next one in our list is the Arm & Hammer which is a Multi-Cat Clump and Seal Clumping litter unit. This is pretty much the complete package that you will ever need on litter units. There are different options for you to go for. Obviously, there are the traditional size options for you but then again, the company also has offered different deals if you buy two packets and so on. The litter is completely odor free and most of the users who have used this one were amused to see the positive results. Odor is pretty much the premium thing that you want to be resolved. You do not want to deal with odor and the company understood this perfectly. The tagline of this unit is that you will have odor free home for seven days for sure. That is a big relief. Apart from that, you will have different options for you to choose in terms of size. There are options from 14lb to 38 lb that you can choose. As always, it is better to choose a small one to test and then a big one.

Nature's Miracle Intense Defense

Best Clumping Cat Litter

Nature’s Miracle, a nice name to have for a cat litter company. The name is brilliant and so is the product. This is another one of those inventions that you can actually depend on in crucial situations. Again, this one has that problem of coming in a big packet without any other options so if you want to test it, there is no other option that just buying that big unit. Obviously, if you can manage one of your friends who is using the same thing to get a bowl to test out the litter, that is great. But the chances are very less that you will be able to do that and at the same time, it is weird to go around and look for cat litter. This unit is actually ideal for houses with a lot of cats. You need a lot of cats to make the most use of this big bag of litter. The quick clumping is there to make your life easy. And the litter is good enough to fight with ammonia, urine and other sort of issues. Overall, a great solution for home.

Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance

Purina Tidy Performance Clumping Cat Litter

The next great one in our list is something from the brand Purina. Now, if you don’t know about the brand Purina, you must have been living in an island because Purina is one of the most popular brands in the cat community. Their litter is not the cheapest one out there but the quality is great and the brand value also increased the price a bit. The unit starts with a 27lb one that you can go for and then there is a 35lb unit that you can buy. The triple odor protection is there to help you in tough situations. You didn’t really need that much of protection from odor and the company did disclose what they mean when they say that about the triple odor protection. It is urine, feces and ammonia. The three things that you need to worry about the most if you are a cat parent. The unit is around 99.6% dust free which is as good as things get. There is no reason that why you would need a 100% dust free one, right? 99.6% is not bad at all.

Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance

Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter

This is another Purina unit that we will talk about here and the unit is a lot like the last one that we just discussed. You see, a lot becomes common when we deal with the best one of all times. The clumping cat litters do not offer many options and Purina is a constant one that always comes into the options. The big difference that this one has with the previous one is that this one is for small houses or at least for houses with one or two cats. This unit starts with 6lb and goes up to 17lb which is decent if you have one or two cats at home. Apart from this, most of the other features stay the same. The quality of the litter is still the same, there is that three unit odor protection that we already discussed in the last one and the dust free feature is also there. The dust free protection is again 99.6% guaranteed which should be decent enough for most people. All in all, this is just another version of the same product for people with one or two cats.

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Clumping Cat Litter

Well, the name might say buffalo but it is a product for cats and this is definitely a good one to be happy about while using. There are two different options for you to go for when you are choosing the product. Either you can go for the clumping option or you can also go for the multi cat option which will allow you to receive a bigger unit of cat litter. There are also different size options for you. The size options start with the 6lb unit and it goes up to the 26lb option which is big enough for most households. The best part about this cat litter unit is that it is made in USA. The unit is completely natural and it is bio friendly which is another great thing about this one. Overall, this is one of the cheapest ones that you will get which is made in USA and also nature friendly. It is tough to make it happen building a company like this one in United States. But the Blue Buffalo did it and we are happy to include them in our list.

Arm & Hammer Double Duty Clumping Litter

Arm & Hammer Double Duty Clumping Litter

The last one that we have in our list. That is the Arm & Hammer Double Duty. Did we keep the Arm & Hammer Double Duty for the last? Well, not really. They are all good units but this one is classy. The best part about Arm & Hammer is their great brand value and customer service. But we will not get into that as we will stick to the products. The first one to be happy about is the 14 pound option. That is cheap and that should be enough for you if you have one cat at home. There are other options such as the 20 pound, 28 pound and obviously their mega 100 pound units. The litter is so good that it destroys the complete smell of urine and feces. The moisture is good enough and the odor elimination is pretty much guaranteed. The company ensures that this unit will guarantee you a 99% dust free life which is actually true. The amazing part is that the litters have a scent that releases every time when your cat uses this litter which is brilliant.


There are different benefits behind why you should go for best clumping cat litter. It is important to know about the prime ones so here it goes.

What is the one thing that you hate most about managing cat litter? It has to be the cleaning phase. There is no denial there. Cleaning litter is a tough task and the clumping cat litter makes it easier for you. The clumps are easy to scoop up whenever you want and you actually can clean it every single day if you want.

At the same time, if you think about it then you will understand that you are saving a lot of money in the long run. You do not have to think about a dirty box every single day. The clumping litter stays a long time compared to the non-clumping brands which mean that you would not have to worry about buying litter units every other day.

These are great benefits that you do not think of but happens automatically. Nobody buys litter with an intention to save money but it is a great help when the litters help you make that happen. That is definitely the biggest benefit if you own more than one cat.

The reason that you should go ahead and buy these clumping and not the non-clumping unit is because these are easier to use and you do not need to spend a ton of time in managing cat waste when you are using the clumping unit. The idea is simple. If you have only one cat at home, you might do well with the regular cat litter anyways because they are simple and easier to handle. But if you have more than one cat, you should go for the clumping options.

Final Words

Finally, You have to select which one better for you. that is a challenge but our hope our top ten help you to select the best one for your cat.

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