10 Best Cat Scratching Post to File Nails

If you are someone who has ever owned a cat, we would know that they come with this insatiable desire to scratch themselves. The scratching is a way for cats to tell others that it is their territory. 

If you are someone who already has a cat or is planning to adopt one, it is imperative to have a cat scratching post if you want no damage along with your first cat in the house. There are different reasons why a cat scratches it includes: 

  1. To remove the extra outer layer present in their claws
  2. So that they can mark their territory, that is their way to own a territory
  3. To stretch their bodies and flex their nails and feet

The only way you can save your couch and furniture from getting ruined is by providing your cat with the desired alternative. If you look up different kinds of scratching pads and posts, all of them seem to do a remarkably good job in enabling the cat to do their scratching activities properly. Your cat will be delighted to scratch the post while keeping your expensive recliner safe.

Indeed, buying a Cat Scratcher is basically like buying something that your cat can destroy and does not shred into different pieces in a matter of days. That is why it is crucial to buy the right cat scratcher for your cat so that you don’t have parts of it lying around in the house.

This article will have a list of some of the best cat scratching posts to file nails that are top-rated. 

1. Scratch Me Cat Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Bed Along with Catnip

This product is made of a scratching board, which is recyclable corrugated cardboard. This board contains high-density five-layered paper that is durable and gets difficult for the cat to tear into pieces. The material that is used for this cat scratcher is tested internationally by keeping all the safety standards in view.

The design of the cat scratcher is a wave design that lets the cat sit on it comfortably and scratch it to the core. This scratchboard comes with a design that blends effortlessly with the decor. It means that the scratchboard can be placed anywhere in the room. 

It is ubiquitous for your cat to be not interested in the new cat scratcher initially. All you need to do is direct your cat to the scratcher by luring them to the post using different toys and snacks. 


  1. This scratching post comes with a unique design that makes scratching much easier for the cat. These posts contain catnips that can be used to attract cats to the post naturally. 
  2. It is durable and is made from 100% recyclable board that includes non-toxic corn starch glue with an ability to withstand scratches and bites. 
  3. This scratcher comes with a lounge shaped cardboard, which makes it perfect for the cat to play as well as rest on it. 
  4. This scratcher can be used for all sizes of cats. 


  1. It may not be that durable and long-lasting.
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2. Pet Fusion 3 Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post

If you are someone who wants to keep your cat hooked with a single scratcher for a more extended period, this cat scratcher is the one for you. Cats tend to get bored quickly with anything that you give them. PetFusion comes with a vertical scratcher that helps a cat in enjoying it the most. 

This scratcher does not just work as a scratcher but is also a toy to your cat. This cat scratcher makes your cat come back for more. This product acts as a lounging, playing, and scratching area for the cat. This a pet product that is stylish and will fit into your home at the same time. 

Cats, instead of scratching your expensive furniture, can start hopping on the cheap cardboard. Cardboard also feels better for the cat, and that is what makes this situation a win-win situation. All the material that is used in this product is tested under international safety standards. 


  1. This scratcher is made of recycled cardboard which can help cat owners to save their furniture by replacing it with cheap recycled cardboard. 
  2. The vertical design of the scratcher helps in promoting horizontal scratching that attracts your cat naturally. 
  3. The cardboard used in this scratcher is long-lasting and comes with a 6-month return policy. In case there is a defect or if the owner is dissatisfied with the product in the first place.  
  4. It is an award-winning product in a Magazine in 2014 and is open to feedback from its customers. 


  1. The design of this scratcher makes it less stable for cats to scratch on aggressively. 
  2. This design seems to be disappointing for cats.
  3. More than scratching, your cat might just play with it. 
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3. AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post 

This product will enable you to give your cat a perfect playground to play on. This post should be installed in a place where your cat likes to sit for long.

That will help your cat in getting hold of this product and using it to the core. This is an excellent deterrent for cats who like to claw into things such as blinds, furniture, drapes, etc. 


  1. It comes with dual scratching pillars 
  2. This hammock gives a comfortable space for your cat to relax
  3. It is durable and long-lasting
  4. It comes with a neutral tone that can fit in with your decor without standing out. 
  5. This product comes with a jute fiber, which helps a cat in keeping its nails healthy. 
  6. This scratcher comes with an interactive design that will keep your cat hooked up for a longer time. 


  1. This product is not suitable for an adult cat as it can injure your cat
  2. There is a fuzzy material in the product that disintegrates and can be quite messy.
  3. Ropes used in the product are of lousy quality.
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4. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge 

All tired of investing in cat scratchers that your cats get bored of quickly?

This product serves double duty by being a lounge and cat scratcher at the same time. It is a custom-made post that your cats end up enjoying playing, scratching, and playing on. It is terrific to feel the cardboard as it gives them the feels of the days when they were kittens.

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge offers your cat a comfortable place to scratch and rest on at the same time. This product is designed for owners who reclaim their homes as this cat scratcher is stylish enough to go with your home decor. This product comes assembled, saving you time.


  1. Cats love this product, and it works as a lounge for them. This product acts as an excellent exercising prop for your cat and can help her in relieving stress.
  2. This product is made of recycled cardboard made of non-toxic corn starch glue. 
  3. The product comes with an attractive design with a neutral color, which guarantees to keep your cat happy. 
  4. It is an excellent value for the price that you are paying for this product. 
  5. The area surface of this scratcher can hold more than one cat on it. 


  1. Not as durable as you expect it to be
  2. It is difficult to coax your cat into liking it if she does not prefer it initially 
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5. Vivaglory Reversible Cat Scratcher with Box 

This Cat Scratcher is designed for smaller cats and kittens and comes with an extra-wide surface, which provides a larger surface for the cat to scratch on. Both types are suitable for cats to stretch on. The Box Scratcher comes with a reversible box that can be flipped from both sides. This product is made of premium corrugated cardboard and is quite durable and resembles that of the tree bark, which is the best natural spot for the cat to get herself scratched. The outer box is not only chic but is quite sturdy. 


  1. This cat scratcher is reversible and can be flipped just to get the new surface for the cat to scratch on. 
  2. This product is made of premium material of 100% eco-friendly material, which can help in saving your expensive furniture. 
  3. The box is smart, which makes it perfect for carrying scrap, which keeps your room clean. You can also lure your cat to this scratcher by sprinkling some organic catnip. 


  1. The product is a little smaller than what you expect. 
  2. Apart from being smaller in size, this scratcher is also narrow in size.

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6. Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

The Catit Style scratcher is a combination of some contemporary shapes and patterns and is a modern looking cat scratcher.

This scratcher comes with a scratching surface, which will keep your cat from scratching themselves on those expensive couches and furniture that you own. This scratcher comes along with the Catnip, which will help your cat in staying active and healthy at the same time. 


  1. This scratcher comes with a corrugated scratching surface
  2. It comes along with Catnip 
  3. It is 19.5 inches wide which makes it pretty spacious


  1. The product is not that long-lasting
  2. The smell of the scratcher is not very pleasant probably because of the cardboard that is used in the scratcher
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7. Bobby Pet Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed 

This Cat scratcher is a two in one, as it acts as a lounge for your cat while helping them scratching at the same time. This scratcher comes with a collapsible shape, which is very travel friendly. 


  1. It is foldable and portable: This cat scratcher is convenient for the cat owner to take with them if they are traveling. 
  2. The scratcher is big enough to provide your cat with ample scratching space. 
  3. It is lightweight: This scratcher is made of honeycomb paper, which makes it quite light and sturdy at the same time. 
  4. The scratcher acts as a comforting place for your cat to sit on while providing them with the scratching space as well. 
  5. It is easy to clean: The scratcher is made in a way that air can flow in-between, which makes cleaning much more manageable. 


  1. This scratcher may lose shape if your cat is too heavy 
  2. It is a little task to get your cat to like this or get used to this. 
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8. Kitty City Premium Scratching Woven Sisal Carpet Collection

This cat scratcher is a smart way to protect your furnishings. This cat scratcher comes with a neutral color that goes with any home decor. It is a perfect, long heightened, and stable scratcher.

This product should be kept away from kids. This product is made from natural plants, and people may be allergic to it. It is best to test the compatibility of this product with yourself and your cat. Discard this scratching product if there are any allergic reactions.


  1. It is stable. The tall height is perfectly designed for cats
  2. It comes with a jungle ball toy, which makes this scratching device fun for the cat at the same time. 
  3. This cat scratcher has a neutral color, so you don’t have to think twice before getting your hands on this product 
  4. It is easy to get the product assembled; all you need is three screws to do that. 
  5. It is durable and pretty stable. 
  6. The product is made from 100% natural plants. 


  1. If the base of this product is a little disoriented, it can not be used.
  2. It is not as durable as it claims to be.
  3. The product is not stable and falls frequently.
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9. Petstages Easy Life Lounge Hammock Cat Scratcher 

It is a sturdy Cat Scratcher and can transform into your kitty’s favorite scratching post. The corrugated material used in this scratcher is great for cats to scratch on and keeps your cat away from the furniture.

This scratcher has an infused Catnip in it, which draws your kitty to this Cat Scratcher. 


  1. It acts as a hammock Lounge and Scratching Pad at the same time
  2. It comes with an X design that can be folded.
  3. Your cat can use it to scratch and stretch.
  4. Requires Catnip to lure your cat into using it.


  1. It is difficult to assemble this product 
  2. If your cat is too heavy, this scratcher might just break. 
  3. It is expensive in terms of what it has to offer
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10. ASPCA ACC Cat House and Scratcher

It is vital to give your kitty a perfect place to hide and play with the cardboard cat house. For the times you won’t be using this cat house, it can be collapsed into a flat surface, which can later be stored in the storage. This scratcher contains a corrugated scratching surface, and your cat is going to fall in love with it. 


  1. It has scratching interiors and gives your cat the private space to chill
  2. It is like a pet house where cats can nap a lot. 
  3. This product is inclusive of Catnip, which will help your cat lure into the scratcher. 


  1. This scratcher is too big for the cat to feel cozy in it
  2. It is not that durable and can break easily
  3. It is complicated to assemble this scratcher from the scratch
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Here are some of the reasons why a cat owner needs to go out there and buy a cat scratching post for their cats. It is very tricky to invest in a cat scratching post. You need to be sure about the kind of material used in it and if it is useful for your cat to file its nails on. 

Given above are the list of our best 10 Cat Scratching Posts and Loungers with their pros and cons jotted down. Go through them and try to grab the one that your cat is going to love the most. 

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