10 Best Cat Litter Mat In 2019

Cats may not exactly be trainable on all occasions, but they’re instinctive. This is why they can be easier to potty train than most dogs. In most cases, you only really need to get them a best cat litter mat and get them used to its presence and you won’t find cat poop around the house anymore.

What you will end up with, however, are pieces of cat litter sprinkled all over the house.

Unfortunately, cat litter is just as gross as your pet’s body waste. They absorb their urine and fecal matter, so they’re just as horrible to step on. They can also spread foul odors that are heavily associated with homes with cats.

If you don’t want to be the quintessential cat parent with a house that smells like cat urine, you might want to control the spreading and tracking of cat litter around the house. To do this, you’ll need the cat litter mat.

A cat litter mat is designed to trap the cat litter that can get stuck on your fluff ball’s paws that they can then drag around and scatter all over the house. Not all of them are very effective, though, so choosing the right one is a must.

10 Best Cat Litter Mat In 2019 - Reviews

To help you find the best mat that will keep your home spic and span, we’ve rounded up ten great options that other cat parents love. Check them out below.

Smiling Paws Pets BPA Premium

Smiling Paws Pets BPA Free Premium Cat Litter Mat

Because cats will have to tread on their litter mats, these products have to be two things. One is to be comfortable so your pet won’t hesitate to step on it so it can also do its job to trap litter. Two is to be durable, especially since cats have a tendency to scrape on the floor. If the mat is too flimsy, it will surely fall apart in a jiffy.

The Smiling Paws Pets BPA Premium Mat promises both to cat parents who are looking for an effective way to keep their house clean. Made with commercial-grade vinyl, this mat won’t easily crack and fall apart like other products.

It’s also guaranteed to be very comfortable. Even though it’s made of vinyl, it’s loops are designed to be soft to touch so your pet won’t shy away from it. This also guarantees that your pet won’t get hurt from its use.

What makes it really standout, however, is its design. It went through some testings that have proven its effectiveness in trapping litter. With its TM-9 litter trapper technology, it is said to be capable of trapping 82% more litter than other mats. This astounding number can really guarantee less litter to clean up on a regular basis.

What we liked

  • Tested and certified to effectively trap litter
  • Approved by veterinarians
  • Made of BPA-free, commercial-grade vinyl
  • Won’t crack or break
  • Non-slip backing promises safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft plastic fibers won’t hurt your pet
  • Large size

What we didn’t like

  • A bit pricey
  • Plastic smell takes a while to go away

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Lots of litter mats can do a good job in trapping the litter in their loops and creases. However, the trapped debris still require cleanups so your cat won’t track them out of the mat the next time they use their toilet. This means that you still need to vacuum or shake out some mats to really ensure that your floor will be cat litter-free.

Because this requires too much work, you might be interested in a mat that will stash the debris away so your cat won’t get to them. The Blackhole Mat for Cat Litter is the perfect choice for this need with its double layer design.

The first layer of this mat comes with perforations that let the cat litter in. The second layer is solid, so it effectively traps in the cat litter in. One end opens up nicely, so it works like a pouch and will let you dump out the trapped litter material with great ease.

It’s convenient, easy to clean, and guarantees to trap a good amount of discarded cat litter. This makes it a nice choice for those who can’t regularly shake out their cat litter mats. With the dependable second layer, the surface won’t get filled with cat litter material that they can then track and spread around the house.

Made of soft EVA material, this product also guarantees comfort, durability, and waterproofing. It’s ideal for all kinds of flooring as well, making it a great choice for lots of cat parents.

What we liked

  • Traps the litter inside the mat so they won’t be dislodged and create a bigger mess
  • Easy to clean, thanks to its bag-like design
  • EVA material is soft, durable, and waterproof
  • Large size can work for a household with a few cats
  • Patented design

What we didn’t like

  • Slightly more expensive than most of the products in this list

Easyology Premium Mat

Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat

It’s no secret that litter mats aren’t exactly the fanciest looking floor accessories out there. This is why lots of cat parents with an eye for style find shopping for one a challenge. If you want something low-key that does a fantastic job of trapping litter, the Easyology Premium Mat is something worth considering.

One look and you’ll know that this mat is unlike most on the market today. It looks contemporary and elegant, unlike others that try to be cute and functional. This product actually looks like something you can get from a high street homestore as it certainly looks stylish. Some might not even expect it to be a litter mat because of how it looks.

Aside from its chic design, you might also find it nice that this product is available in different colors. You can choose from seven different colors to find a good match for your interiors while preventing your pet from making a mess.

Despite looking nice, this product doesn’t sacrifice its functionality. Its patent-pending loop design promises to catch up to 37% more litter and debris that your pet can track around the house. It’s also soft and durable, so you’re guaranteed to get everything you need from this product.

What we liked

  • Looks like a regular mat or rug so it will easily blend in most homes’ decor
  • Very easy to clean
  • Available in various colors
  • Patent pending design guarantees effectiveness
  • Affordable price
  • Large size
  • Comfortable soft loops
  • Safe and durable materials used
  • Money back guarantee

What we didn’t like

  • Absorbs liquids

Pieviev Cat Box Mat 2-Layer Litter-Trapping Pad

litter mats for cats

Love the idea of trapping the litter inside a two-layer mat but hate its utilitarian look? The Pieviev Cat Box Mat 2-Layer Litter-Trapping Pad can be a good option for you. With its nice, dark grey coloring and minimalist design, it certainly looks modern and can blend in nicely in most homes.

Because of its dual-layer design, you can also expect it to be very efficient in trapping cat litter. Its top layer has a perforated design where the litter falls in, while the lower layer holds the debris in. You can then just pour the accumulated content out and that’s it.

Further boosting its convenience and ease of use is its high-grade EVA material. This makes it soft and comfortable for your pet’s paws without sacrificing durability. It’s also waterproof, so even if your pet pees on the mat, it won’t seep into your floor.

It’s also worth noting that this mat is lightweight. Unlike other products made from similar material, you can easily lug this item around. However, it’s also a drawback, especially since it doesn’t have a non-slip bottom. If your cat likes to jump out of their litter box and land on the mat, there’s a good chance that they’ll slide away from the pan.

What we liked

  • Efficient and beautiful design
  • Quick and very easy to clean
  • High-quality EVA material
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Very effective in trapping in discarded litter

What we didn’t like

  • Quite pricey
  • Doesn’t have a non-slip bottom

iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat With Exclusive Urine/Waterproof Layer

iPrimio Large Cat Litter mat

If the previous item still looks too utilitarian for you, then check out the iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat With Exclusive Urine/Waterproof Layer. This mat also employs the dual-layer trapper design but is also available in brown. So if you’re not too fond of the darker varieties as they look like rubber mat, this option might do the trick.

Being a cat litter trapper, this product also promises to be an effective pet accessory that will keep your floors free of gross stuff. What sets it apart from the other similar mats in this list, however, is that it has a wider opening on its two sides. This makes it easier to pour out the trapped litter, especially since it’s not very lightweight.

Its weight might get some people worried, but as it also helps to keep the mat in place, it shouldn’t be seen as a drawback to this product. Unlike other lightweight litter mats, you can expect it to stay in place even if your cat likes to leap on and from it.

Another feature that makes this product different from its competitor is its plastic film lining. This helps it repel urine and other liquids so your floor won’t get damaged by your cat’s toilet behavior. You can also easily slide a puppy pad inside this mat to further ensure your floor’s safety.

What we liked

  • Available in various sizes
  • Thoughtfully designed to boost its functionality
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Very easy to clean
  • Comfortable and durable

What we didn’t like

  • Nylon mesh piping can absorb urine
  • Slightly pricier than others

Easyology JUMBO

Easyology JUMBO Cat Litter Mat

Households with multiple cats will need a larger kitty litter mat since there are more of them that can make a mess. This is even more important if they don’t share a litter box as any gap can create spots that are more difficult to clean.

A large mat like the Easyology JUMBO 47” x 36” can help you keep your cat’s mess in a single spot, though. This size can already fit two regular sized litter boxes and ample room for a few cats to lounge in.

Aside from its size, it also very functional. Its patent-pending loop design traps in litter effectively without sacrificing your pet’s comfort. It’s also made of thick PVC which makes it waterproof and durable at the same time.

Note, however, that even though you can wash and shake out the debris from this mat, it can still be a struggle to clean due to its size. It’s quite heavy, for starters, so it’s best to have someone else with you if you need to carry it.

What we liked

  • Very large size
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable for your pet’s paws
  • Attractive design that will suit most home’s decor
  • Very effective in trapping in cat litter

What we didn’t like

  • Quite heavy

PetFusion SmartGrip Mat

PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat

The PetFusion SmartGrip is another option you can go for if you want a mat that looks like a regular house rug. This mat doesn’t even look like it’s made from rubber or plastic, so it can be a good option for very discerning homeowners.

Instead of having loops or holes to trap the litter in, this mat uses small grooves to hold down discarded cat litter. The surface looks like it has bristles like a regular mat has, so it’s easy to confuse this product with a normal house mat. But as it is made of PVC, it can easily be the best mat for cat litter on the market today.

Lots of pet parents also love this product because it’s very easy to clean. You can actually easily use a broom to dislodge the trapped litter from this mat, making it very easy to maintain. Of course, you can also just opt to shake the litter out or use a vacuum as well.

What we liked

  • Great price
  • Very easy to clean
  • Available in three attractive, subdued colors
  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Highly durable

What we didn’t like

  • Can absorb liquids

PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Mat

PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

While the best litter mat should be able to trap in litter to keep it from getting to your floor, doing this so effectively can also mean cleaning difficulties for you. If you can’t easily dislodge the trapped kitty litter from the loops and crevices of the mat, they’ll stink up the mat and even invite mildew.

This is why the PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof  Mat is becoming a popular alternative to litter mats with loops and holes. This product uses ridges to trap litter so they won’t get stuck anywhere else. But because it will keep the discarded litter on its surface, it will require frequent cleanups, so the kitty litter won’t transfer from the mat to your floor.

Made from FDA grade silicone, you can also count on this mat to be safe, water resistant, and soft to touch. It also has a non-slip bottom, making it an even more compelling option for the best kitty litter mat on the market today.

What we liked

  • Non-slip bottom
  • Perfectly easy to clean
  • Effective in trapping litter
  • Attractive appearance
  • Won’t soak your floor in liquids

What we didn’t like

  • Requires frequent cleanups
  • Quite pricey

The Original GORILLA GRIP Premium Litter Mat

The Original Premium Cat Litter Mat

If you’ve been a cat parent for a while now, you’ll know that lots of kitty litter mats promise the best results but fall flat once in use. The Original GORILLA GRIP Premium Mat is not one of them, however.

This product is specifically developed to effectively trap the kitty litter that has been kicked out and stuck on your pet’s paws after they do their dirty business. It employs specially designed grooves and mesh that will hold onto the litter to prevent it from scattering on your floor.

As it is specially designed for your cat’s use, you can also expect it to cater to your pet’s needs. Its surface won’t hurt your cat’s paws and its bottom will help it stay in place to keep your pet (and everyone at home) calm and safe.

What we liked

  • Great price
  • Highly rated by many cat parents
  • Packed with technologically advanced features
  • Available in different colors
  • Attractive design
  • Non-slip

What we didn’t like

  • Can be a bit challenging to clean

LePet Mat XL Double-Layer Honeycomb Cat Litter Trapper with Waterproof Base Layer

LePet Cat Litter Mat

Most kitty litter mats are made of rubber or plastic to make them easy to clean and water-resistant. Unfortunately, these materials aren’t exactly what eco-friendly homes are about. So what does an environmentally conscious pet parent like you to do?

Made from eco-friendly EVA material, the LePet XL Double-Layer Honeycomb Cat Litter Trapper can be a solid choice for you. They may not exactly be the greenest materials out there, but they’re definitely better than other options.

They also do a great job for a cat litter mat. With this product’s honeycomb litter trapper design, not only will it be able to contain discarded litter, but it will also keep liquids from getting into your floor.

What we liked

  • Eco-friendly option
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly effective in trapping cat litter
  • Lightweight

What we didn’t like

  • Size can be too small for some households

Things to Consider before Buying the Best Cat Litter Mat

While being able to narrow down your choices to just ten mats is already a great way to avoid getting option paralysis, it can still be a tough call for lots of people. So to help you pinpoint the best mat for your lovable ball of fur, keeping these considerations in mind might help:

Your Cat’s Behavior in the Litter Box

It’s important to pay close attention to how your pet acts when they’re in their litter box because it can help you determine the right mat size. Some cats tend to kick the litter out intentionally while others like to jump out of their litter boxes. There are also some kitties who like to get out of their litter boxes nicely and gently.

If your cat likes to kick the litter out of the pan, you should consider getting a large mat. This way, it can still catch most of the pieces that are kicked out. This also works for those who like to jump out. So when they leap out of the pan, the litter that got stuck on their paws can still land nicely on the mat and not on your floor.

A smaller mat suit those kitties with gentler nature. Small breed cats can also suit a small size cat.

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Your Pet’s Comfort

Your cat’s paws are sensitive so they can react quickly to their surroundings. This is why you shouldn’t choose a mat with an abrasive texture because your cat won’t use it. If they hate the mat’s surface, you won’t be able to catch the litter. This will render the mat useless and require you to regularly clean after your fluff ball.

To find the perfect litter mat for your cat, look for a product with a surface that’s quite soft to the touch but is still able to trap in litter pieces.

Your Flooring Material

Your cat’s pee and poop will certainly damage your floor, so it’s important not just to have a cat litter pan but also a mat that will serve as an additional protection. Some surfaces need more care than others, though, so they won’t deteriorate from your pet’s refuse.

Hardwood floors, for example, require utmost preservation. You can’t just let your cat’s pee sit on top of it as it will cause discoloration and maybe even cause the wood to rot. For this, you should get a waterproof mat to provide great protection to your floor.

For tile floors, spilled liquids can easily turn them slippery. This causes accidents so you can’t just stop at a waterproof litter mat. It should also be nonslip so in case the liquid absorbed by the material leaks or overflows, no one will get injured.

The Amount of Cleaning You’re Willing to Do

A good mat will easily trap the litter for you but you will still need to get rid of it after a while so it will keep on trapping new debris that your cat takes out of their litter box. Some mats are designed for easy cleanups while others can be a bit trickier to maneuver. So if you’re very particular with the things you do to look after your pet, these things are also worth looking into.

Final Verdict

Not because you have a cat at home does it mean that it’s okay for your humble abode to smell and look like a giant kitty litter. The best cat litter mat can help contain the smell and materials of your fluff ball’s toilet in one place. You just need to find it to make your home spotless and even nice smelling.

With these ten top picks, we hope you’ll be able to find a good match for your pet. Not all of them might suit your pet’s preference and your budget, but they’re all good options. Give one a try and experience how low maintenance your cat can be with the right accessories.

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