10 Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats Reviews

Whether you are visiting your vet or going out for holidays, there are many reasons why your cat should be comfortable traveling with you. A good cat carrier can influence how comfortable your cat will be while traveling. It is wise to put your effort into the best cat carrier for nervous cats.

The perfect cat carrier is the one that is right for your cat and something that your cat is comfortable in. 

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Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats – Reviews

1. PETS GO2 Premium Small Pet Carrier

This Pet Carrier is used by people who are traveling in a plane or car while keeping in view style at the same time. It comes with a complimentary bowl along with it which is good for pets to have their food in. It is approved by major airlines so people do not need to worry before making your pets travel. This carrier is well ventilated and comes with a window that can be zipped and unzipped as per the will of the pet owner. 

This carrier is not that small in size and is generously sized. The carrier is 30 inches in width and allows your pet to get extra space for stretching. The inner material of the carriers is made of soft washable material that has cushions embedded in it. 


  1. This carries provides utmost comfort to your pet
  2. The size of the carrier can be expanded
  3. The carrier is durable 
  4. The carrier has a zipped window which can be opened in case you want to interact with your pet.


  1. The carrier is known to be heavy
  2. The top of the carrier is a bit saggy 
  3. Zippers used in the carrier are not durable and can break
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2. Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack

This bubble cat carrier is now extensively used by everyone and is even better than before. It comes with a new design that has a completely transparent window that will provide a view to your pet.  

Having a transparent bag can make your cat a little hesitant and more afraid but can also make them freak out less which is possible when you are traveling with your cat in a non-transparent cat carrier. 

This carrier is eye-catching and will enable both the pet owner as well as the pet to have an eye on the surroundings around. The bag can also be placed from the front side of the person which will let the pet owner interact with their pet at the same time. The bag is also 100% secure and is known to be much superior in material and is waterproof with high-quality design. The carrier comes with a side pocket where people can fill in some pet snacks. 

There are plenty of ventilation holes in the carrier that allows the air to circulate properly. There is a side little door that can be opened for timely interaction with your pet and comes with a leash that prevents your pet from jumping out of the carrier.  


  1. The carrier provides safety of the pet 
  2. The handle of the carrier is made of thick and soft material which makes carrying it an easy job
  3. This carrier comes with a shoulder strap.
  4. The carrier has double zippers which will keep your pet from jumping off the carrier


  1. The straps of the bag are not that durable
  2. The carrier can get very hot for animals
  3. The size of the carrier is too small and is feasible only for small-sized cats
  4. The bag smells like plastic 
  5. The holes made of ventilation in the carrier are too sharp for the cats 
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3. Paws and Pals Rolling BackPack for Pet Carrying

This cat carrier bag comes with a backpack, pet car seat, and a tote. This bag has the most versatile design and is highly durable. The bag has nicely placed side panels that will allow maximum air to pass through the bag so that the cats can breathe properly. The side panels are designed in a way that will enable your pet in staying in tune with the surroundings. 

It is very easy to use this bag. This bag comes with a handle and dual wheels which will help in rolling this backpack. This carrier comes with additional side pockets that allow storage of water bottles, toys, pet food, etc. The best part about having this is that it is washable. This rolling backpack is available in different colors and has its own style. 


  1. This bag comes with a versatile design and can be washed easily 
  2. The carrier provides proper ventilation for your cat and makes breathing much easier. 
  3. The bag is very easy to use as it comes with a telescoping handle which will help in maneuvering this backpack 
  4. Works great for medium to large-sized cats as well
  5. It is very easy to carry and does not scare the cat 


  1. The bag is not durable 
  2. It is easy for the cats to claw through the bag
  3. The material of this bag is cheap
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4. Pet Ami Premium Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

This product is designed with the best and most convenient travel experience for you and the cats. 

This carrier is known to fit a medium-sized cat. It is very important to know the size of your pet before you ahead and purchase this carrier for your cat. The bag comes with a well-ventilated design that will allow your cat to breathe properly while traveling. 

This bag is designed in a way that the cat’s safety is always kept in mind and that is why this bag comes with a safety buckle that will prevent your cats from escaping the carrier. In addition to it, this carrier can also be strapped to the car seat which will, in turn, ensure the safety of your cat. 

It is very easy to use this carrier as it is airline approved and comes with a name tag so that you can easily identify your dog. The carrier comes with a detachable strap which makes it the most convenient pet carrier out there. The quality of this bag is high grade and is available in different colors and two different sizes. 


  1. This carrier comes with a multiple mesh window which makes airflow easy.
  2. This bag has a dual side entry/exit which makes settling of the cat in the bag easy
  3. It comes with a name tag which makes it easy to identify
  4. This bag has a safety buckle which helps in ensuring extra security to prevent the escape of the pet
  5. This carrier comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which is padded for comfort and makes carrying much easy


  1. The carrier does not have any frame which tends to make this bag pretty shapeless
  2. The carrier as a whole is flimsy
  3. The size of this bag is smaller than expected
  4. The mesh of the bag is easily chewable by pets 
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5. PPOGOO Large Pet Travel Carriers Portable Bag

This carrier is suitable to carry your pet This bag is an upgrade of the zipper bag and keeps the pet from escaping. The best part about this carrier is that it has a firm bottom plate that helps in maintaining the comfort and shape of the bag at the same time.

The carrier is waterproof and is quite easy to clean. The design of this bag makes it pretty comfortable and well ventilated for modern-day design.

This bag weighs a total of 2 pounds and is pretty lightweight and foldable. It is, however, important to get your pet measured before investing in this bag. 


  1. This bag is pretty safe and comfortable and comes with 4 mesh windows which makes it well ventilated
  2. It is very convenient to use this bag as a carrier 
  3. It is pretty durable
  4. The height of the carrier is decent in comparison to the other carriers that are out there in the market.


  1. This bag has a strong smell of chemicals 
  2. The carrier of the bag does not have any support
  3. The bag is pretty flimsy 
  4. The bag is too light weighted 
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6. BENCMATE Soft Sided Pet Carrier – Airline Approved

This carrier is compatible with most of the airlines out there. This carrier does not have any strong chemical smell and has a strong fleece pet bed which gives a comfortable space for your cat to sleep in. The fleece inside the bag makes it compatible with machine washing. 

The bottom of the bag is pretty solid that comes with a strong shoulder strap, unlike other pet carriers. The handle of the bag is strong and is sewed in a way that makes it safe and stable at the same time. The design of the carrier is pretty unique and contains side pockets and four hooks which enable a pet owner to carry this carrier from three positions. 

The room inside the carrier is pretty breathable which makes it easy for the pets to look around as well. It is easy to use this carrier and it has a shoulder strap along with the handles which can be used to carry the bag. The bag comes with a side zipper that can be opened once in a while to interact with your pet.  

This carrier is recommended for pets who are around 22 lbs.


  1. The bag is strong and sturdy
  2. It is water-resistant 
  3. It has panels from all 4 sides
  4. The hard insert is removable as per the need
  5. It is easy to carry this bag because of the shoulder straps 


  1. It is compatible for only small to medium-sized kitty
  2. The product smells strongly of chemicals 
  3. The carrier is a little flimsy and does not come with robust straps
  4. The quality of the carrier is quite cheap
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7. Necoichi Portable Ultra Light Cat Carrier

The term Necoichi means cats first in Japanese which is exactly how the pet owners feel about their cats. Every Cat carrier is designed while understanding the complete needs of the cats and their respective owners. The aim is very simple, to create a beautiful product that your cat can enjoy.

This bag is ultra-light and is the best carrier to take your cat for a walk. This carrier is not just stylish but is also pretty convenient to use. The bag is made of sturdy fabric which will keep your cat safe at the time of travel. 

And the lightweight design allows you to carry your kitty wherever you need to go without lugging extra weight. This bag is very comfortable for the cats and all you have to do to store this bag away is to fold the bag into one. The bag is very easy to clean and is storage-friendly. This bag can bear a pressure of 17lbs and comes with a zipper-lock that ensures full security of the bag. 


  1. The bag is lightweight and sturdy at the same time
  2. The bag comes with large windows which makes ventilation easy 
  3. The carrier comes with twin zippers that cannot be opened from inside 
  4. The carrier is comfortable for the cats to travel in


  1. The shape of the bag does not stay intact
  2. The zipper of the bag is low in quality and breaks easily
  3. The carrier has a strong chemical smell
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8. Aivituvin Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

This pet carrier is not just a bag that is used to carry your pets around. This pet carrier is a unique stylish bag that folds flat and can be stored right away. It comes with a padded shoulder bag and has a plastic stick on top of it.  

The material used in this bag is top quality and does not come with any strong scent of its own. This material comes with self-lock zippers which makes it safe for the pet owners to carry their pet around. It is very easy to clean this bag and is quite ventilated. The bag as a whole can be washed in a machine.

It is important to get your pet measured before buying this bag as this bag can help you carry a pet with a weight limit up to 20lbs. 


  1. It is foldable
  2. The carrier can be machine washed 
  3. It is lightweight 
  4. People may have easy access to the pockets 
  5. It comes with a solid self zipper lock 
  6. It has a shoulder strap which makes carrying much easier


  1. The zippers do not stay intact
  2. It is smaller than what you expect from this carrier 
  3. It is not compatible with heavier cats
  4. The product does not stay in shape and needs to be straightened 
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9. Petmate Two Door Top Load

It is a pet crate which is like a small kernel that comes with an entry door from its top. That door can be used to access your pets and is suitable for cats up to 15lbs. This pet carrier is airline approved and meets the requirements that are needed while you are carrying your pet. This carrier is nicely ventilated and lets your pet breathe freely.

All the pet carriers by Petmate are eco friendly and something that every pet will love. The top door entry makes it easy for your pet to squeeze into the carrier and comes with a grated steel door.


  1. It is easy and safe to travel with 
  2. They are very comfortable for your pets 
  3. This carrier fits pet of all shapes and sizes
  4. It gives a natural den experience to your cat 


  1. The air holes in the carrier can be dangerous for the pet 
  2. The assembly of this carrier can get a little difficult 
  3. The top and bottom of the kennel does not stay together
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10. Henkelion Cat Carriers

These bags are airline approved which means you can take your pet wherever you want. This carrier comes with two loop handles which can be used for secure transportation. The shoulder strap of the carrier is adjustable which makes it convenient for the pet owners. The carrier is durable, lightweight, and waterproof. 

It comes with a four side mesh which makes it comfortable and safe for the pets to travel in. It also makes it easy for the pet owner to check on their pets. The shoulder strap of the bag comes with a pad which makes carrying it much easier. This carrier is designed for small to medium cats and takes up to 15 lbs of weight. 


  1. This carrier comes with airline approved design
  2. There are 4 breathable mesh entrance 
  3. It comes with side pockets and padded shoulder strap 
  4. The zippers used in this bag are deluxe


  1. This bag comes with a strong chemical smell 
  2. The bag is not that durable
  3. Mesh can be easily clawed upon by the cat
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Buying Guide for Cat Carriers

The size of the right cat carrier is something that will vary from one cat to another and is one of the most important aspects you need to consider. 

Buying comparatively spacious carriers is a good idea and many people tend to go for that. A small space is sometimes considered to be one of the best options for short journeys as cats tend to feel safer in smaller spaces. Think of all the time when you have found your cat just hidden behind the sofa or in some narrow gap of your house. 

Apart from considering the space, security is one more factor that you should consider before buying a carrier for your cat. Some carriers are easier to escape-proof than others. A carrier made of soft material is easy to escape rather than the carrier that is made of solid plastic carriers. 

This is the reason why people should go with plastic carriers other than the soft ones if you are traveling by plane, train, or on foot. 

Lastly, it is important to pick a carrier that will provide both you and your cat with adequate viewing. This would include having a decent-sized window. 

One more thing that you should consider before buying a cat carrier is how it feels to hold one? And if it is easy to get your cat into it. Also if this carrier has a solid foundation on which the cat can sit or stand on. 



Given above are the list of some of the best Cat Carriers available in the market. We have listed these carriers along with their pros and cons. It is ideal to understand the liking of your cat and the usability of the pet owner before you go ahead and buy one of these cat carriers. 

One more thing to consider before buying a cat carrier is to know the size and weight of your cat. You do not want to invest in a carrier that won’t fit your cat.

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