How to Use Coconut Oil for Fleas

Has your dog been scratching herself severely and developed open sores on her skin? That’s one sure sign of fleas’ infestation. The pests bite and cause discomfort to your hound. Did you know that one flea can lay as many as 50 eggs in a day? Without control, fleas spread fast! Although there are many […]

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How To Keep Your Dog Warm In Winter

Many people think that dogs can endure cold temperatures better than humans because they have a coat of fur. This, however, is not true because, just like us, dogs prefer the warmth inside the house. Freezing temperatures can be hazardous to dogs. Every dog is built differently, so an outdoor temperature that feels bearable to […]

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Puppy Challenges to Overcome

Obtaining a brand new puppy is an exciting adventure. You are inviting a new furry friend in your life and a lot of love. But while the new thoughts, love, power, cuddles, and good company are amazing, raising a pet has lots of challenges that pet owners need to conquer. Dogs are proven to be […]

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10 Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats Reviews

Whether you are visiting your vet or going out for holidays, there are many reasons why your cat should be comfortable traveling with you. A good cat carrier can influence how comfortable your cat will be while traveling. It is wise to put your effort into the best cat carrier for nervous cats. The perfect […]

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10 Best Cat Scratching Post to File Nails

If you are someone who has ever owned a cat, we would know that they come with this insatiable desire to scratch themselves. The scratching is a way for cats to tell others that it is their territory.  If you are someone who already has a cat or is planning to adopt one, it is […]

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Bearded Dragon Terrarium

On SelfPetCare, you find us write a lot about cats and dogs. However, this article is focused on Bearded Dragons, and in particular on the right enclosure for them. When setting up your bearded dragon terrarium there are a few specific set up rules you must follow to make a comfortable habitat for your beardie. […]

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Best Clumping Cat Litter

Best Clumping Cat Litter Guide & Reviews Ready to know about the best clumping cat litter of this world? This article is going to help you know that. If you are a pet parent, you know already that the hardest part of living with your cat is dealing with the litter issues. No matter how [...] Continue reading

Best Dog Ear Cleaner

Best Dog Ear Cleaner If you love your dog and truly care for them, then you should prioritize their health in mind. Dogs are very different from humans and they easily attract mites, fleas and other foreign invaders. This makes ear infections very common in dogs which would require many visits to the vet. You [...] Continue reading

How to Be a Successful Dog Walker

Dogs are great pets. Most people love dogs, this means that a dog walking business can be a great and profitable business. If you want to become a successful dog walker, you need to do some research on how to become one. There are people who think that dog walking business is a simple job [...] Continue reading

Best Flea Spray For Furniture

10 Best Flea Spray For Furniture In 2019 There’s nothing better than caring for your furry bundle of joy. Nevertheless, if not properly tended, they might be in danger of pesky blood-sucking fleas. These fleas could spread from your pets all over your house, and if you aren't prepared, you’re going to be in big [...] Continue reading
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